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Happy Oscar Month

Posted: February 3rd, 2015, 4:24 pm
by mrsl
So far, most of the movies have not been all that interesting to me but this morning I was being typically lazy lying in bed watching the beginning of Desk Set, and got to the part of the rainy day. Earlier in the day Gig Young comes in with a bundle of lovely white carnations for Kate H. Later in the day, it's raining and she and Spencer are leaving with one of the other employees who offers them a ride in his car. The film boo-boo is here. Apparently as they come down in the elevator, miraculously the white carnations turn PINK!!! That made me sit up and take notice. I hit the backward button on my remote twice to see if I was mistaken but I wasn't, and it's not the lighting either.

Also during the lunch on the roof in late Autumn, Spencer states he saw this place on one of his wanderings around the building, however, it's already been established that he had never been there before. I never look at the listings of what is coming on each month because I want to be surprised, but I still like the year that they showed a movie with a certain star or director, and followed that movie with another starring the same star, or directed by the same person. Somehow, they were able to string that out for the whole month which added some different films.