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Sean Connery, Scotland's finest actor

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Sean Connery, Scotland's finest actor

Postby » September 12th, 2008, 12:12 pm

IMO Sean Connery is the best actor to come out of Scotland, though he's taken plenty of stick because he chooses to live in tax exile while supporting the governing Scottish National Party as they push for indepentance and break away from The United Kingdom.

I wonder what American's will make on his biography. particulary his changing of allegiance in supporting soccer teams Celtic and Rangers, depending on who was playing better at the time. I don't suppose it'll mean much to those outside the UK, but Celtic and Rangers are Glasgows bitterest football rivals and are known as The Old Firm.

However, it's as an actor Connery is IMO without equal as regards great Scottish actors, though Deborah Kerr is his match as an actress.

He was one of the Hell Drivers along with other young actors Stanley Baker, Patrick MaGoohan and Jill Ireland, in a film about lorry drivers. He also made Another Time Another Place with Lana Turner and Hitchcock's Marnie

However, it was James Bond that made him, appearing in Dr. No, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, You Only Live Twice, Thunderball, Diamonds Are Forever and the ill-fated 80s comeback Never Say Never Again. In between Bond's he made The Hill, playing a soldier, who's a prisoner in a Military prison bullied by former Avengers star Ian Hendry.

My own favourite Connery film is The Wind And The Lion with Candice Bergen, where he as Berber bandit kidnaps a wealthy American widow (Bergan) and her children. Both he and action heroine Bergen are an excellent match.

Others rate his best film, Kiplings, The Man Who Would Be King with Michael Caine.

I think Sean's best period came in the 80s and 90s with The Untouchables, Hunt For Red October (A terrific opening encounter for CIA agent Jack Ryan, played by Alec Baldwin on this occassion), Indianna Jones And The Temple Of Doom with Harrison Ford, The Highlander with Christopher Lambert and The Entrapment where he gels brilliantly with Catherine Zeta Jones.

Sean was also a regular on Peter Alliss' Pro Celebrity Golf on the BBC along with Bruce Forsyth, Bing Crosby and Ronnie Corbett among others.

Now retired, Sean only seems to make public appearences on Tartan Day in New Yorks Manhatten or when he makes public information films for his beloved Scottish National Party

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Postby traceyk » September 19th, 2008, 7:47 pm

I really can't be objective about Sean Connery. He rates as probably my top sexiest man ever. He can do more with one raised eyebrow than all the current Hollywood toy boys put together.

I agree that he is terrific in his 80's and 90's films. One of my favorite performances is in a kind of silly movie--The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen as the "old tiger sensing his end." Very interesting premise (literary heroes and villains brought to life) and some good performances, but needed work somewhere--possibly the script?
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Postby charliechaplinfan » September 21st, 2008, 11:49 am

I love Sean Connery as Bond but in almost everything else he leaves me cold. I just dont get a thrill out of his performances and have never understood why as an older man he's still a sex symbol.

Stuart, I never realised that he's changed his allegiance to Celtic and Rangers, surely that's not allowed. I know we've spoken before about how Scottish he is, he's not a British resident but he's willing to lecture on all things Scottish.

As for Scotland's greatest actor that is Deborah Kerr :wink:
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Postby » September 21st, 2008, 11:59 am

Alison, I agree about Deborah being the best, if you're mixing the sexes in the same basket.

I was trying to think of a famous Scot's actor/Actress, who played a character from the Country of his or her birth. Sean, though he had his broad Edinburgh accent, didn't appear to play Scots, neither did Deborah or Mary Ure and Bill Travers was actually English. However, Travers Scottish film Geordie also featured Scot Alistair Sim as a Laird. He may not be famous as Sean, but Duncan Mcrae brilliantly played Scots in The Kidnappers and Tunes Of Glory. Mcrae played trawler Captain Para Handy in the pilot for a tv series, but the role is more associated with Roddy MacMillain and Gregor Fisher. Again not internationally famous, Mark McManus was a terrific Scots detective in Taggart.

I think Sean aged well into the 90s, but know think he looks an old man, whereas Moore and Caine look well on it.

It's funny about Sean supporting Celtic and Rangers considering he's an Edinburgh boy. When he was young man, Hearts and Hibs were two of the best club sides in the UK. That said tv presenter Lorraine Kelly isn't a born Dundonion like myself, yet she's Dundee United daft.

I remember a couple of yrs back when Celtic won a big European tie, Billy Connelly was in the crowd singing with the supporters The Glasgow Celtic Will Be There.

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