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I noticed Mr. Molina as Sally Field's husband in Not Without My Daughter, and you know how I am, it made me kind of dislike him for a while until my pea brain realized the man is an actor!!!


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Dear Mrsl,

Not Without My Daughter is one of the most frightening movies I've ever seen. And I had forgotten about Molina being one of the reasons.

He's graced a great deal of films, and I'm glad he was one of the guest programmers.

His comment about the difference between American and European actors was right on target. (He stated, and I'm paraphrasing, that American actors can more easily access their emotions, and that European actors often have to work harder to achieve the kind of synergy between character and self than American actors do.)
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Post by Hollis »

Good morning,

Does anyone remember the huge stink about TCM featuring Jane Fonda in their "Private Screenings" feature because of her actions in Vietnam in the 1960's? TCM was more than aware of it given that they locked the thread "Hanoi Jane." Now they're featuring Martha Stewart (a convicted felon) as a Guest Programmer. The woman is a "gracious living" magnate and master of self promotion, but what's her connection to the movie industry? Was there no one better suited or with closer ties to the motion picture industry that TCM could have approached? I'm curious as to what others think.

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I realyy don't care who the celebrity hosts are, as long as he/she picks movies that I like !. - 8)
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