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Summer Under The Stars

Discussion of programming on TCM.

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Summer Under The Stars

Postby movieman1957 » July 29th, 2009, 10:53 am

Love it? Hate it?

Any day or any one movie you are looking forward to this August?

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Re: Summer Under The Stars

Postby ChiO » July 29th, 2009, 11:53 am

Summer Under the Stars is God's way of telling me to turn off the the television and get under the real stars before Summer is over. But...

4th: Two Sam Peckinpah movies, including my favorite, PAT GARRETT & BILLY THE KID

13th: The glorious Gloria Grahame with a movie I haven't seen, THE COBWEB

22nd: Sterling Hayden, one of the few actors whose movies I'll watch just because he's in it

27th: Ida, Ida, Ida!!! And finally I get to record ON DANGEROUS GROUND. Ray, Ryan & Lupino -- about as good as it gets.
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Re: Summer Under The Stars

Postby movieman1957 » July 29th, 2009, 12:26 pm

I'm going to catch "Garrett" because of a post you gave me about Kristofferson when we were talking about "Heaven's Gate" at TCM.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana."

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Re: Summer Under The Stars

Postby Jezebel38 » July 29th, 2009, 8:56 pm

SUTS August has always been such a big snooze for me - until this year. They are showing a bunch of British titles that I have never seen, so I've got these all circled in my Now Playing guide:

James Mason 8/2 -A Place of One's Own
They Were Sisters
Secret Mission

Dirk Bogarde 8/10 -Esther Waters
Penney Princess

Audrey Hepburn 8/11-Laughter in Paradise
The Secret People

Deborah Kerr 8/15 - The Avengers

Aside from those, a couple Gloria Grahame & Fredric March films; in all I've got about 20 films to try and catch next month!

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Re: Summer Under The Stars

Postby Mr. Arkadin » July 29th, 2009, 9:53 pm

There's a lot I will be recording, but some highlights:

You Belong to Me (1941)
A playboy marries a woman doctor then grows jealous of her male patients. Cast: Barbara Stanwyck, Henry Fonda, Edgar Buchanan. Dir: Wesley Ruggles. C-95 mins, TV-G

Best Man, The (1964)
Two presidential hopefuls get caught up in the dirty side of politics. Cast: Henry Fonda, Cliff Robertson, Lee Tracy. Dir: Franklin J. Schaffner. BW-102 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format

A Place of One's Own (1945)
An elderly woman's caregiver becomes possessed by a murdered girl's spirit. Cast: Margaret Lockwood, James Mason, Dennis Price. Dir: Bernard Knowles. BW-93 mins, TV-PG

Wicked Lady, The (1945)
A married woman finds new thrills as a masked robber on the highways. Cast: Margaret Lockwood, James Mason, Patricia Roc. Dir: Leslie Arliss. BW-104 mins,

Not So Dumb (1930)
A scatterbrained miss throws a big party to advance her boyfriend's career. Cast: Marion Davies, Elliott Nugent, Franklin Pangborn. Dir: King Vidor. BW-76 mins, TV-G

Bachelor Father, The (1931)
An aging Don Juan decides to get better acquainted with his grown children. Cast: Marion Davies, C. Aubrey Smith, Ray Milland. Dir: Robert Z. Leonard. BW-90 mins, TV-G, CC
1:45 PM

Blondie Of The Follies (1932)
Two showgirls on the road from rags to riches compete for the same man. Cast: Marion Davies, Jimmy Durante, Robert Montgomery. Dir: Edmund Goulding. BW-91 mins, TV-G
3:30 PM

Polly Of The Circus (1932)

A small-town minister risks his career when he falls for a trapeze artist. Cast: Marion Davies, Clark Gable, C. Aubrey Smith. Dir: Alfred Santell. BW-70 mins, TV-G
4:45 PM

Peg O' My Heart (1933)
A spunky Irish girl inherits a place in a British estate. Cast: Marion Davies, Onslow Stevens, J. Farrell MacDonald. Dir: Robert Z. Leonard. BW-87 mins, TV-G
6:15 PM

Page Miss Glory (1935)
A con artist creates a composite photo to win a beauty contest, then has to find the real thing. Cast: Dick Powell, Marion Davies, Pat O'Brien. Dir: Mervyn LeRoy. BW-93 mins, TV-G, C

Face of a Fugitive (1959)
A man framed for murder tries to build a new life after escaping the law. Cast: Fred MacMurray, Alan Baxter, James Coburn. Dir: Paul Wendkos. C-81 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format

Hard Times (1975)
A Depression-era drifter takes up street fighting to make his fortune. Cast: Charles Bronson, James Coburn, Jill Ireland. Dir: Walter Hill. C-94 mins, TV-14, CC

Convicted Woman (1940)

An innocent woman sent to prison becomes the focus of a prison-reform movement. Cast: Rochelle Hudson, Frieda Inescort, Glenn Ford. Dir: Nick Grinde. BW-66 mins, TV-PG
7:15 AM

Destroyer (1943)
The crew of a torpedoed ship fights to take out an enemy sub. Cast: Edward Robinson, Glenn Ford, Marguerite Chapman. Dir: William A. Seiter. BW-99 mins, TV-G

Mr. Soft Touch (1949)
After being betrayed, a gangster hangs out in a settlement house while seeking revenge. Cast: Glenn Ford, Evelyn Keyes, John Ireland. Dir: Gordon Douglas, Henry Levin. BW-93 mins, TV-G

Framed (1947)
A femme fatale lures an unemployed man into helping her with a criminal scheme. Cast: Glenn Ford, Janis Carter, Barry Sullivan. Dir: Richard Wallace. BW-82 mins, TV-PG

Convicted (1950)
A prison warden fights to prove one of his inmates was wrongly convicted. Cast: Glenn Ford, Broderick Crawford, Dorothy Malone. Dir: Henry Levin. BW-91 mins, TV-PG, CC

Heaven With a Gun (1969)
A gunslinger-turned-preacher is forced to return to his old ways. Cast: Glenn Ford, Carolyn Jones, Barbara Hershey. Dir: Lee H. Katzin. C-101 mins, TV-MA, CC

Mr. Lucky (1943)
A gambling-ship owner is out to fleece a beautiful society woman, but falls in love. Cast: Cary Grant, Laraine Day, Charles Bickford. Dir: H.C. Potter. BW-100 mins, TV-G, CC

Crisis (1950)
An American doctor gets caught in the middle of a revolution when he's forced to operate on a South American dictator. Cast: Cary Grant, Jose Ferrer, Paula Raymond. Dir: Richard Brooks. BW-96 mins, TV-G, CC

So Long at the Fair (1950)
A woman searches for her missing brother in Paris despite the fact that nobody believes he exists. Cast: Jean Simmons, Dirk Bogarde, David Tomlinson. Dir: Antony Darnborough, Terence Fisher. BW-86 mins, TV-PG

Blue Lamp, The (1950)
A London Bobbie goes after the crooks who shot his partner. Cast: Jack Warner, Jimmy Hanley, Dirk Bogarde. Dir: Basil Dearden. BW-85 mins, , CC

Servant, The (1963)
A wily manservant takes over his dissolute master's estate. Cast: Dirk Bogarde, James Fox, Sarah Miles. Dir: Joseph Losey. BW-116 mins, , Letterbox Format

Our Mother's House (1967)
Afraid of being separated, a family of children keep their mother's death a secret. Cast: Dirk Bogarde, Pamela Franklin, Mark Lester. Dir: Jack Clayton. BW-106 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format

Green Mansions (1959)
A young adventurer falls in love with a mystical woman in the South American jungle. Cast: Audrey Hepburn, Anthony Perkins, Lee J. Cobb. Dir: Mel Ferrer. C-104 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format

Strange Interlude (1932)
A doctor's daughter defies convention in her fight for love and her child. Cast: Norma Shearer, Clark Gable, May Robson. Dir: Robert Z. Leonard. BW-109 mins, TV-PG, CC

Love On The Run (1936)
Rival newsmen get mixed up with a runaway heiress and a ring of spies. Cast: Joan Crawford, Clark Gable, Franchot Tone. Dir: W.S. Van Dyke II. BW-80 mins, TV-PG, CC

Blonde Fever (1944)
A woman fights to save her husband from a sluttish waitress. Cast: Philip Dorn, Mary Astor, Gloria Grahame. Dir: Richard Whorf. BW-69 mins, TV-G

It Happened In Brooklyn (1947)
A returning GI and his friends try to make it in the music business. Cast: Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Durante, Kathryn Grayson. Dir: Richard Whorf. BW-103 mins, TV-G, CC

Roughshod (1949)
A rancher tries to save his fellow stagecoach passengers from a murderous enemy. Cast: Robert Sterling, Claude Jarman, Jr. Gloria Grahame. Dir: Mark Robson. BW-88 mins, TV-PG, CC

Glass Wall, The (1953)
A World War II refugee fights to stay in the U.S. Cast: Vittorio Gassman, Gloria Grahame, Ann Robinson. Dir: Maxwell Shane. BW-80 mins, , CC

Chandler (1971)
A former private eye lands in hot water when he agrees to protect a government witness. Cast: Warren Oates, Leslie Caron, Alex Dreier. Dir: Paul Magwood. C-86 mins, TV-14, Letterbox Format

Paris Blues (1961)
Two jazz musicians deal with romantic problems in Paris. Cast: Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Sidney Poitier. Dir: Martin Ritt. C-99 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format

Something Of Value (1957)
Childhood friends end up on opposite sides of a bloody African uprising. Cast: Rock Hudson, Sidney Poitier, Wendy Hiller. Dir: Richard Brooks. BW-114 mins, TV-PG, CC

Buck and the Preacher (1972)
A con man helps a group of former slaves survive the perils of the wild West in their search for the promised land. Cast: Sidney Poitier, Harry Belafonte, Ruby Dee. Dir: Sidney Poitier. C-103 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format

Brother John (1971)
A man returns to Earth as an angel to intervene in a small-town labor strike. Cast: Sidney Poitier, Will Geer, Bradford Dillman. Dir: James Goldstone. C-96 mins, TV-14, Letterbox Format

I See A Dark Stranger (1945)
An Irish woman who hates the English turns Nazi spy. Cast: Deborah Kerr, Trevor Howard, Raymond Huntley. Dir: Frank Launder. BW-112 mins, TV-G

Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, The (1943)
An aging military man looks back on the loves and friends who shaped his life. Cast: Roger Livesey, Deborah Kerr, Anton Walbrook. Dir: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger. C-163 mins, TV-G

Tea And Sympathy (1956)
A faculty wife risks her marriage to help a troubled teen tormented by his fellow students. Cast: Deborah Kerr, John Kerr, Leif Erickson. Dir: Vincente Minnelli. C-122 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format

Love Letters (1945)
A soldier falls for the woman who may have killed his best friend. Cast: Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotten, Gladys Cooper. Dir: William Dieterle. BW-101 mins, TV-14, CC

Carrie (1952)
A married man's passion for a young woman leads to tragedy. Cast: Laurence Olivier, Jennifer Jones, Eddie Albert. Dir: William Wyler. BW-124 mins, TV-PG, CC

Beat The Devil (1954)
A group of con artists stake their claim on a bogus uranium mine. Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Gina Lollobrigida, Jennifer Jones. Dir: John Huston. BW-90 mins, TV-PG, CC

We Were Strangers (1949)
A Cuban American returns to his homeland during the Revolution and becomes involved in an assassination attempt. Cast: Jennifer Jones, John Garfield, Pedro Armendariz. Dir: John Huston. BW-106 mins, TV-PG, CC

Richest Girl in the World, The (1934)
To put off fortune-hunters, an heiress trades places with her secretary. Cast: Miriam Hopkins, Joel McCrea, Fay Wray. Dir: William A. Seiter. BW-76 mins, TV-G, CC

Design For Living (1933)
An independent woman can't chose between the two men she loves. Cast: Fredric March, Miriam Hopkins, Gary Cooper. Dir: Ernst Lubitsch. BW-91 mins, TV-G

Barbary Coast (1935)
A vice king's girlfriend falls for a young miner. Cast: Edward G. Robinson, Miriam Hopkins, Joel MacRae. Dir: Howard Hawks. BW-90 mins, TV-G

These Three (1936)
Scandal destroys the lives of two small-town schoolteachers. Cast: Merle Oberon, Miriam Hopkins, Joel McCrea. Dir: William Wyler. BW-93 mins, TV-14

Lady With Red Hair (1940)
An actress hopes to regain her lost son by making it to the top. Cast: Miriam Hopkins, Claude Rains, Richard Ainley. Dir: Curtis Bernhardt. BW-78 mins, TV-G, C

Mad Dog Coll (1961)
A young hood kills his way to the top of the mob. Cast: John Davis Chandler, Brooke Hayward, Jerry Orbach. Dir: Burt Balaban. BW-88 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format

Split, The (1968)
A gang of thieves plots to rob the Los Angeles Coliseum box office during a Rams game. Cast: Jim Brown, Diahann Carroll, Julie Harris. Dir: Gordon Flemyng. C-89 mins, TV-14, Letterbox Format

Bite The Bullet (1975)
Cowboys compete in a grueling horse-riding marathon. Cast: Gene Hackman, Candice Bergen, James Coburn. Dir: Richard Brooks. C-131 mins, TV-MA, Letterbox Format

Marooned (1969)
Three U.S. astronauts face a slow death when their rockets fail during a space voyage. Cast: Gregory Peck, Richard Crenna, David Janssen. Dir: John Sturges. C-129 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format

Another Woman (1988)
While dealing with her own tortured past, an aging writer becomes obsessed with a psychiatric patient. Cast: Gena Rowlands, Mia Farrow, Ian Holm. Dir: Woody Allen. C-84 mins, TV-14, Letterbox Format

Lilith (1964)
A young psychiatrist finds himself drawn to a beautiful young mental patient. Cast: Warren Beatty, Jean Seberg, Peter Fonda. Dir: Robert Rossen. BW-114 mins, TV-PG, CC, Letterbox Format

Ten Days to Tulara (1958)
A charter pilot in Mexico is forced to help a criminal gang when his son is kidnapped. Cast: Sterling Hayden, Grace Raynor, Carlos Muzquiz. Dir: George Sherman. BW-76 mins, TV-PG

Five Steps To Danger (1957)
Can a couple keep important secrets from Communist spies? Cast: Ruth Roman, Sterling Hayden, Werner Klemperer. Dir: Henry S. Kessler. BW-80 mins, TV-PG

Johnny Guitar (1954)
A lady saloon owner battles a female rancher out to frame her for murder. Cast: Joan Crawford, Sterling Hayden, Mercedes McCambridge. Dir: Nicholas Ray. C-110 mins, TV-PG, CC

Manhandled (1949)
A phony psychiatrist's secretary gets caught up in a murder case. Cast: Dorothy Lamour, Sterling Hayden, Dan Duryea. Dir: Lewis R. Foster. BW-96 mins, TV-PG

Crime Of Passion (1957)
An executive's wife barters sex for her husband's business success. Cast: Barbara Stanwyck, Sterling Hayden, Raymond Burr. Dir: Gerd Oswald. BW-86 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format

Iron Sheriff, The (1957)
A sheriff tries to clear his son of the murder of a stagecoach driver. Cast: Sterling Hayden, Constance Ford, John Dehner. Dir: Sidney Salkow. BW-73 mins, TV-PG, CC

Loving (1970)
A conflicted artist tries to find a sense of purpose in life. Cast: George Segal, Eva Marie Saint, Sterling Hayden. Dir: Irvin Kershner. C-89 mins, TV-MA, Letterbox Format

Tenth Avenue Angel (1948)
A child of the tenements helps an ex-con find a new life. Cast: Margaret O'Brien, Angela Lansbury, George Murphy. Dir: Roy Rowland. BW-74 mins, TV-G, CC

A Lawless Street (1955)
A Marshal's past comes back to haunt him. Cast: Randolph Scott, Angela Lansbury, Warner Anderson. Dir: Joseph H. Lewis. C-78 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format

Kind Lady (1951)
A con artist and his criminal cohorts hold an old lady hostage in her own home. Cast: Maurice Evans, Ethel Barrymore, Angela Lansbury. Dir: John Sturges. BW-78 mins, TV-PG, CC

One Foot In Heaven (1941)
A minister and his wife cope with the problems of church life in the 20th century. Cast: Fredric March, Martha Scott, Beulah Bondi. Dir: Irving Rapper. BW-108 mins, TV-G, CC

Berlin Express (1948)
Allied agents fight an underground Nazi group in post-war Europe. Cast: Merle Oberon, Robert Ryan, Paul Lukas. Dir: Jacques Tourneur. BW-87 mins, TV-PG, CC

The Dark Angel (1935)
Three childhood friends are torn apart by love and World War I. Cast: Fredric March, Merle Oberon, Herbert Marshall. Dir: Sidney Franklin. BW-106 mins, TV-PG, CC

'Til We Meet Again (1940)
A dying woman shares a shipboard romance with a criminal on his way to the gallows. Cast: Merle Oberon, George Brent, Frank McHugh. Dir: Edmund Goulding. BW-100 mins, TV-PG, CC

That Uncertain Feeling (1941)
A happily married woman sees a psychoanalyst and develops doubts about her husband. Cast: Merle Oberon, Melvyn Douglas, Burgess Meredith. Dir: Ernst Lubitsch. BW-84 mins, TV-G

Affectionately Yours (1941)
A foreign correspondent hurries home to stop his wife from getting a divorce. Cast: Merle Oberon, Dennis Morgan, Rita Hayworth. Dir: Lloyd Bacon. BW-88 mins, TV-G, CC

The Scarlet Pimpernel (1935)
A British aristocrat's effete facade masks a swashbuckling hero rescuing victims of the French revolution. Cast: Leslie Howard, Merle Oberon, Raymond Massey. Dir: Harold Young. BW-98 mins, TV-G

Divorce Of Lady X, The (1938)
In need of a hotel room, a woman poses as a scandalous divorcee. Cast: Merle Oberon, Laurence Olivier, Binnie Barnes. Dir: Tim Whelan. C-87 mins,

First Comes Courage (1943)
A Norwegian resistance fighter seduces a Nazi officer to learn enemy secrets during World War II. Cast: Merle Oberon, Brian Aherne, Carl Esmond. Dir: Dorothy Arzner. BW-86 mins, TV-PG

Adios, Sabata (1971)
A gunslinger searching for a hidden treasure gets mixed up with Mexican revolutionaries. Cast: Yul Brynner, Dean Reed, Pedro Sanchez. Dir: Frank Kramer. C-104 mins, TV-14, Letterbox Format

The Lady And The Mob (1939)
A woman sets out to break a criminal gang controlling the dry cleaning business. Cast: Fay Bainter, Ida Lupino, Lee Bowman. Dir: Benjamin Stoloff. BW-66 mins, TV-G

The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt (1939)
A spy forces a reformed jewel thief to crack the safe where plans for an anti-aircraft gun are stored. Cast: Warren William, Ida Lupino, Rita Hayworth. Dir: Peter Godfrey. BW-71 mins, TV-G

Out Of The Fog (1941)
A racketeer terrorizes a small fishing community until he falls in love with a fisherman's daughter. Cast: Ida Lupino, John Garfield, Thomas Mitchell. Dir: Anatole Litvak. BW-85 mins, TV-PG, CC

Women's Prison (1955)
A crusading psychiatrist battles a sadistic female warden to improve conditions at a women's prison. Cast: Ida Lupino, Jan Sterling, Howard Duff. Dir: Lewis Seiler. BW-80 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format

The Big Knife (1955)
An unscrupulous movie producer blackmails an unhappy star into signing a new contract. Cast: Jack Palance, Ida Lupino, Rod Steiger. Dir: Robert Aldrich. BW-114 mins, TV-PG, CC

While The City Sleeps (1956)
Reporters compete to catch a serial killer. Cast: Dana Andrews, Ida Lupino, Vincent Price. Dir: Fritz Lang. BW-100 mins, TV-PG, CC

Ladies in Retirement (1941)
A housekeeper tries to manage her actress employer and her own emotionally disturbed sisters. Cast: Ida Lupino, Louis Hayward, Evelyn Keyes. Dir: Charles Vidor. BW-92 mins, TV-PG

Suddenly (1954)
Gunmen take over a suburban home to plot a presidential assassination. Cast: Frank Sinatra, Sterling Hayden, James Gleason. Dir: Lewis Allen. BW-76 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format

The Mouse That Roared (1959)
An impoverished nation declares war on the U.S. hoping to lose and score foreign aid. Cast: Peter Sellers, Jean Seberg, William Hartnell. Dir: Jack Arnold. C-83 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format

The Silver Horde (1930)
An Alaskan fisherman is dogged by a ruthless competitor and an ambitious dance hall girl. Cast: Joel McCrea, Evelyn Brent, Jean Arthur. Dir: George Archainbaud. BW-75 mins, TV-G

Public Hero No. 1 (1935)
An undercover G-man helps with a jailbreak to learn the mob's secrets. Cast: Chester Morris, Jean Arthur, Joseph Calleia. Dir: J. Walter Ruben. BW-90 mins, TV-G, CC

Adventure in Manhattan (1936)
A hotshot reporter and a temperamental actress clash when he investigates the backer of her latest show. Cast: Jean Arthur, Joel McCrea, Reginald Owen. Dir: Edward Ludwig. BW-73 mins, TV-G, CC

Whirlpool (1934)
An ex-convict tries to connect with the daughter who doesn't even know he exists. Cast: Jean Arthur, Jack Holt, Donald Cook. Dir: Roy William Neill. BW-80 mins,

Devil and Miss Jones (1941)
A department store owner goes undercover as an employee to thwart union activists. Cast: Jean Arthur, Charles Coburn, Robert Cummings. Dir: Sam Wood. BW-92 mins, TV-G, C

The Ex-Mrs. Bradford (1936)
A detective teams with his ex-wife to solve a murder. Cast: William Powell, Jean Arthur, James Gleason. Dir: Stephen Roberts. BW-82 mins, TV-G, CC

If You Could Only Cook (1935)
An unhappy executive gets a job as a butler on a lark, only to fall for the family cook. Cast: Herbert Marshall, Jean Arthur, Leo Carillo. Dir: William A. Seiter. BW-72 mins, TV-G

Too Many Husbands (1940)
When her long lost husband returns after her re-marriage, a woman decides to try life with two mates. Cast: Jean Arthur, Fred MacMurray, Melvyn Douglas. Dir: Wesley Ruggles. BW-81 mins, TV-G

The Impatient Years (1944)
A feuding couple re-creates their courtship in hopes of falling back in love. Cast: Jean Arthur, Lee Bowman, Charles Coburn. Dir: Irving Cummings. BW-91 mins, TV-G

Party Wire (1935)
When a small-town girl's boyfriend leaves in disgrace, gossips spread false reports of her pregnancy. Cast: Jean Arthur, Victor Jory, Charley Grapewin. Dir: Erle C. Kenton. BW-69 mins, TV-G

The Man Between (1953)
An East Berliner helps a British woman trapped behind the Iron Curtain. Cast: James Mason, Claire Bloom, Hildegard Knef. Dir: Carol Reed. BW-102 mins, TV-G

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Re: Summer Under The Stars

Postby movieman1957 » July 29th, 2009, 10:06 pm

You mean those are only the highlights?

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Mr. Arkadin
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Re: Summer Under The Stars

Postby Mr. Arkadin » July 29th, 2009, 10:42 pm

I didn't want to bore anyone with details. :P

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Re: Summer Under The Stars

Postby Mr. Arkadin » August 2nd, 2009, 6:44 pm

Well, here we are on James Mason day and I'm wondering how on earth TCM has allotted this great actor and James Coburn all these hours, yet is not willing to show one of their best collaborations, Cross of Iron (1976)?


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Re: Summer Under The Stars

Postby myrnaloyisdope » August 2nd, 2009, 8:08 pm

Just wanted to point out that Not So Dumb is painfully bad. I adore Marion, and Vidor is my favorite director, but the movie is just bad on every level. It's not funny, it has that awkward stiffness of a stereotypical early talkie, bad line readings, and even Vidor's direction is crummy. It seems like the picture was made in a hurry, as some scenes are abruptly cut and it all comes off as clumsy.

A misfire...maybe worth a peak if you want to see Donald Ogden Stewart act.
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Re: Summer Under The Stars

Postby Mr. Arkadin » August 2nd, 2009, 9:02 pm

Thanks for the heads up.


Re: Summer Under The Stars

Postby jdb1 » August 3rd, 2009, 12:40 pm

Everyone please do yourselves a favor and don't miss Too Many Husbands (August 30 @ 1 AM). It's one of the cleverest and most entertaining Classics I've ever seen. Fred MacMurray is in the sort of role one might have thought better suited to Cary Grant, but Fred acquits himself very well, in an All-American kind of way. The whole thing is a hoot from start to finish.

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Re: Summer Under The Stars

Postby movieman1957 » August 3rd, 2009, 2:26 pm

"Too Many Husbands" was one I never even heard of until Jean Arthur month. Fred and Melvyn Douglas really are funny together. Of course, having Jean makes the whole thing well worth any one's time.

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Re: Summer Under The Stars

Postby klondike » August 3rd, 2009, 5:30 pm

I tried, I really, really tried with Too Many Husbands . . sat right trhough to the zany, screwy end of it . .
But, though undeniably well-crafted, it just kept reminding me a little too much of The Awful Truth . . . which is smaller & slower & quieter in every way, but which I found to be a 10-carat delight.
Hmmmm . . maybe if I'd seen Too Many Husbands first . . well, we'll never know now, shall we? :|

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Re: Summer Under The Stars

Postby movieman1957 » August 3rd, 2009, 5:51 pm

Do you mean "My Favorite Wife"? It came out the same year but oddly enough both made money. (Robert Osborne on the intro of my copy.)

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Re: Summer Under The Stars

Postby klondike » August 3rd, 2009, 7:14 pm

Turns out you're exactly right Chris, but wouldja believe, having seen them several different times, I had to backtrack and read synopses of both of them, back & forth, 2 times apiece, to be absolutely sure that it was indeed My Favorite Wife, and not The Awful Truth, that I was actually thinking of :oops: . . I'll tell ya, compare all three of these films side by side, and then throw in Montgomery's & Lombard's marital hijinx from Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and it's enough to make Stan Laurel cry! :x

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