Another thread locked on the TCM site

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Another thread locked on the TCM site

Post by filmlover »

Seems some just live to fight. The moderator over at the TCM site has had to step in and lock the TCM: Now You've Gone Too Far thread.

Post by klondike »

FL, things have gotten just a tad too bent over at the Mothership for my taste.
I actually mosied over for a gander at the thread you indicated, "Now you've gone too far".
Thought it'd be interesting to scope out how the Schoolmarms were utilizing their "knuckle rulers" since throwing their hats into the Moderation ring.
(Give me a minute . . . I could just feel this case of metaphoria slipping away . . . . there - )
Anyway I sniffed around on the last three (i.e., most current) pages, and frankly, I am perplexed; sure, some of the exchanges were showing a little "nip & bite", but the language was clean, no name-calling going on, no threats or flaming, the sentences were well-worded and clear, no members seemed to be stalking or taunting each other . .
I just could not find a reason anywhere in those three current pages for justifying a lock-out.
If it was something that went on before the most current pages, why would anybody wait that long; and if the idea was to "wait it out & see", why wait until the exchanges had all calmed down and gotten civil, and still choose to lock the thread?
And what do I find in a neighboring thread, in that same forum? A member ranting (unchallenged) about why a "fat woman" would ever call herself "Fantasia", unless it referenced "the dancing hippos".
How's that for getting away with a cheapshot?
1) TCM feels it's unacceptable to engage in stimulating conversation about the cultural interplay of art, sexuality & politics, but it's largely OK to go anatomy-bashing across gender lines, or:
2) They are slower on the proverbial "draw" than Don Knotts (r.i.p.)!
Things that make ya go "hmmmmm".
Then again, it is Monday!

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Post by filmlover »

I think someone has done some editing because I am sure I saw some swearing in there.

Also, for some reason, several of the trivia threads have had about ten days of material removed.
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Post by Mr. Arkadin »

Someone did use a swear word and their post was deleted, but as was noted I thought the general discussion was pretty even handed.
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Post by Lzcutter »

I logged onto to TCM City this morning and was able to read the offending post. It was filled with profanity and name calling and it looked like the poster had posted it numerous times over and over (too many times for it to be an error).

Then I went to the kitchen to get my morning can of caffeine and by the time I got back the thread had been locked and the offensive message(s) deleted.

But from what I read, it was classic off-topic, over-the-top name calling and use of profanity that got the message deleted and the thread locked.
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Post by Mr. Arkadin »

I must have missed that one. :shock: I was referring to the post where somone used the word A--.
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Post by Dewey1960 »

Like so many others here at the Oasis, I only check in periodically over at TCM and post very rarely. From the looks of things, there are far more hateful, stupid people posting there than ever before. Bigotry is running rampant over there. Pathetic. More and more I'm beginning to feel that the members here have chosen the right name for this site.
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Kyle In Hollywood
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Post by Kyle In Hollywood »

Lynn is correct.

A poster got "hot under the collar" about a derogatory comment about Fox News. That wouldn't be so bad (acceptable, actually) but the response was ugly with unnecessary name-calling and profanity. This post "disappeared" this am.

Later, the poster took offense to his post "disappearing" and began a bombardment of multiple, duplicate messages into the thread. ( A posting "tantrum", if you like.) That's when the thread got locked and shortly afterward, all the duplicate posts disappeared.

While this situation is indicative of the "quality" of some of the posters there, I am encouraged that TCM jumped on the problem quickly. (I've noticed other "offensive" posts disappearing too.) So quick that most people probably didn't know anything happened 'til it was over. Too bad some of the interactions between C-Scope & "others" weren't handled so deftly a few months back. It might have made a big difference. But it is a positive step, from my point of view.

The thread is unlocked tonight. It is a good thread for the boards. Not everyone agrees with everyone else but it should continue to be open.

Kyle In Hollywood
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Post by Shonna »

Dewey, you are right on target as usual! I checked in over there the other day and I after I read some of the postings I couldn't get out of there fast enough!
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