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Thanks to all of you kind folks!

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Thanks to all of you kind folks!

Postby mrsl » April 25th, 2008, 4:41 pm

I wasn't being purposely mysterious, but wanted a few problems solved before I mentioned them.

First and foremost, my daughter, who is now divorced, lost her job shortly before Christmas and now her unemp. is run out and she hasn't found a new job yet, so everything is piling up.

Before starting my new therapy, I was put on some heavy pain killers due to the Cortisone shots I had to have. My gal being out of work is a small blessing in disguise because I can't drive, and being home she can play chauffeur, and thanks to Dad's will, and a little windfall, I was able to help her out as well as getting my car fixed.

Anyway, while I was on those pain killers, the dimwit who rents in the building next door decided to have a mini-biker rally. I doubt if he had his landlord's permission, but all day Friday and half of the night we had hawgs riding up and down and around our normally silent little street and cul de sac, until the men in blue came and got them out. In the mean-time, we found our back security door had been jimmied, and had to sweat it out until it was replaced and new keys passed out. This all happened in the time frame of the shootings, and break-ins of our quiet little town, that few people ever heard of, suddenly became front page news.

The therapy is going well and although I'm through with the cortisone, I still have to take the pain killers which tend to make me rather ditzy. Finally, the worst of all, I have a relatively new neighbor directly above me who is a single woman approximately 28 years old, who works at her own hours, leaving her free to play her stereo at top volume, while her speakers sit on the floor, causing my hanging pictures literally to bounce occasionally. She also does something that causes her to drop something on the floor, and roll (kind of like a 10 pound bowling ball), in her kitchen which is directly above my bedroom. Many are the nights I wake up with a cannon shot above me at 3 or 4 a.m. whereupon I cannot return to sleep since I've already had 3 or 4 hours and the main tiredness is over. The problem is, tell that to my eyes at 10:00 a.m. Plus, I have gradually, like a baby, gotten my inner clockwork messed up and now cannot sleep in the night, but do sleep all day. The landlady is working on it, but we live on 12 month leases. She believes me because after living here for more than 4 years, this is the first I've ever put in any complaint, but it is still my word against the new girls'.

I've also heard people going up and down stairs at weird hours (so has the guy across the hall), that could have been when the locks were messed up. As I said, it's been crazy stuff happening, and life has not been the quiet, orderly ritual I'm used to.

Thank you for your kind responses, things should be back to normal by the end of May.


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Postby Synnove » April 25th, 2008, 4:55 pm

Anne, I'm sorry you and your family have gone through all this, it sounds horrible. I hope it'll turn out all right by the end of May. Hang in there!

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moira finnie
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Postby moira finnie » April 25th, 2008, 5:16 pm

Please take care, Anne. I hope that this little site gives you some pleasant distractions from all the stress around you. I'll be keeping you and your daughter in my thoughts.
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Mr. O'Brady
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Postby Mr. O'Brady » April 25th, 2008, 5:57 pm

Sorry to hear of all your troubles, Anne. Hope things get better soon. Now I'll just go kick myself a few times for whining incessantly about my horribly sun-burned forehead.


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Ann Harding
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Postby Ann Harding » April 26th, 2008, 3:12 am

Hi Anne, I really hope all your problems will be sorted soon. I've had nasty neighbours like yours for a while, so I sympathise! :? Keep well!

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Postby silentscreen » April 26th, 2008, 6:39 am

I'm so sorry to hear of all these problems too! I hope they sort themselves out soon! I'm lucky that I live in an older residential area with a lot of retired people and that it's relatively quiet despite a busy street at one end. Everyone pretty much minds their own business.
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Postby Ollie » April 26th, 2008, 9:32 am

Our downtown area is amazingly quiet most of the week. Living in the heart of any city's downtown may seem odd for a 'quiet atmosphere', but once everyone's left for home, the place is wonderfully deserted. Until the annual weekend-long biker rally appears and they want to have freedom of noise expression by blasting past us. I'd like to see what Heston's freedom of armor-piercing ammunition would do to all of those engine blocks.

Thank goodness for your bluecoats. Ours won't do a thing that weekend. Maybe I need to stretch our clotheslines across the street. 500-lb fishing line. Nearly invisible. "Boy, look at that hawg slide!!" Is there a Guinness Record for riderless hawg sliding? Hmmm...

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Sue Sue Applegate
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Postby Sue Sue Applegate » April 26th, 2008, 4:15 pm

Dear Anne,

I am so sorry to hear about your troubles. I hope that they are resolved soon and hope you are feeling better. Just wanted to drop a short note and say that I've enjoyed all our emails and PMs, both here and at TCM.

Take care.
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Postby charliechaplinfan » April 27th, 2008, 1:53 pm

Dear Anne,

I do feel for you. If you can't have peace in your own home where can you have it? Not being able to get a proper nights sleep is something you expect to leave behind once your children start growing up.

I hope your thoughtless neighbour mends her ways and leaves you to get peaceful nights rest.

Hope your daughter finds a job soon too and that your health improves soon

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Postby Ollie » May 12th, 2008, 10:33 am

I'm going to hijack this thread ONLY because the title says it all: THANKS.

Mike started a thread about French Crime Dramas and there are a lot of titles I'm unaware of, but the enthusiasm of the comments stoke my interest greatly. Or Moira (and others) start threads about an upcoming film I'd glanced at the description of, discounted it, but her enthusiastic review again ensures it's placement on my recording schedule.

Then we have the Ann Harding-Arkadin UserIDs whose thoughtful writings make me curious about those characters, and then I start collecting those works. I read Christine's or Joel's comments, they are well-argued and presented, so my natural curiosity about their namesake UserIDs is aroused. I've known about the Wellesian character, but I've never paid attention to Harding before but I'm enjoying her films, too.

Along with this thread's original direction of thanking kind people, I wanted to hijack this and offer a thanks for my continued education and enjoyment.

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