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Using the Save Feature and Working with Drafts when Posting

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Using the Save Feature and Working with Drafts when Posting

Postby moira finnie » June 2nd, 2009, 11:25 am

I've brought this to the top of the list of issues here today since it appears to be an issue for many members.

FYI: To save a draft of a post :
Simply click on the Save bar next to the Preview and Submit bars that appear under your message box on the Post a New Topic page when creating a new thread or a Post a Reply page when adding to a thread.

To see a Draft that you've saved

Go to:
User Control Panel (located at the top left of your page) and click on that hyperlink.

Look for:
Manage Drafts which is on the left between Manage Bookmarks and Manage Attachments.

After clicking on Manage Drafts, if you have a Draft saved, you will see it under Draft Title. If you want you can then click on Load Draft which will automatically place your draft in the thread where you originally wrote it. You can then finish your post, and click on the SUBMIT bar in your Post a Reply page to post.

If you wish to load a draft this will place the unfinished post in the thread where it originated, and you would click on the Load Draft hyperlink on the right, next to the words View/Edit.

If you wish to delete your draft, you can simply place a check in the box on the far right under Mark and then click on the Delete Marked bar underneath that area.

If you wish to view/edit your draft, without loading it into the thread where it originated, simply click on View/Edit.
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