I'm new to posting.

Here's a spot to say "Hello!"

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I'm new to posting.

Post by Erika1712 »

Hi! I've been lurking here for a while off and on. Everyone seems friendly and there are so many insightful posts here about classic film.
Favorites are Agnes Moorehead, Mary Astor, Margaret Sullavan, Jean Arthur. Well, they're top tier anyway. I love so many classic actors/actresses.
I decided to at least say, 'hello'. I used to lurk on the TCM boards. I never posted there however. This board is very nice!
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moira finnie
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Re: I'm new to posting.

Post by moira finnie »

Welcome Erika!

I think that you'll find several of us share your interest in film.
I am a pushover for Margaret Sullavan and Mary Astor movies and I'm trying to make myself appreciate Jean Arthur much more (wish she could relax once in awhile though...) I really admire Agnes Moorehead enormously for the range of her work in several media! She was a daunting talent.
I hope that you will enjoy looking around and posting when you are ready.

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Re: I'm new to posting.

Post by movieman1957 »

Hi Erika:

Jean Arthur just melts me. So glad you joined. Don't be afraid to jump in. If you have questions just put them out there as any number of people will be very happy to help.

Hope to talk to you more.

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Re: I'm new to posting.

Post by feaito »

Hello Erika, Welcome to best Movie "Oasis" on the net.
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Re: I'm new to posting.

Post by charliechaplinfan »

Welcome Erika, I love Jean Arthur very much. I loved the link that was posted on the Mary Astor thread, thank you for letting us see it. Don't be shy about posting, we're all very friendly.
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Re: I'm new to posting.

Post by Mr. Arkadin »

Welcome. I love Margaret Sullavan also. What are your favorite films from each actress?
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Re: I'm new to posting.

Post by ChiO »

Welcome, Erika. You can never go wrong with Jean Arthur.
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Re: I'm new to posting.

Post by Lzcutter »

Hey Erika,

Welcome! I hope you will enjoy the Oasis and look forward to reading your posts!
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Re: I'm new to posting.

Post by sandykaypax »

Welcome Erika! I'm a big lurker, too. I like to read more than I like to write! :D

Sandy K
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