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Hello, Hello

Post by brandonlinden »

I just wanted tosay Hi, having joined last night after having heard about the board form ChiO.
Just to let you know, I have been teaching film history and appreciation classes at Facets Multimedia in Chicago for 10 years. Some of the classes have included: "The late films of Billy Wilder" "Written by Preston Sturges", "The Westerns of Jacques Tourneur" and currently "WWII films of Powell and Pressburger"
As I have been perusing the boards this morning and last night I am really impressed by the enthusiasm and erudition of the postings and look forward to reading and discussing more.
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Post by movieman1957 »

Welcome Brandon:

Anyone who is a professor and user of words like erudition is a great addition. This is great. I get to learn more. I hope you enjoy our little club.

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Post by Dewey1960 »

Welcome aboard, Brandon! Any friend of ChiO's is a friend of ours!

Post by feaito »

Welcome Brandon :D

Post by klondike »

Hey, brandon; welcome aboard!
Jump right in; the water's cozy, and suits are optional!
As I pointed out recently to another of our newer members (stuart.uk), you'll find, among many other "fan clubs" hereon, quite a dedicated little coterie of Powell & Pressburger devotees peppered throughout our ranks!
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Post by ChiO »

He teaches me about film and I taught him how to use "erudition" in a sentence. Fair trade.

Welcome, welcome, welcome, Brandon.

MissG: Don't be afraid to welcome Brandon -- he likes Ford and Fuller. Oh, and Timothy Carey.
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Mr. Arkadin
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Post by Mr. Arkadin »

Welcome Brandon. Are you the Prof that likes Europa 51?
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Post by cinemalover »

Welcome. You are amongst friends. Enjoy.

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Post by brandonlinden »

Thank you all for the kind words. ChiO is all too right about erudition....
Europa 51 is a movie I am obsessed with, like all the Rossellini/Bergman films). Any friend of Rossellini is a friend of mine!
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Post by sandykaypax »

welcome! Written by Preston Sturges--there's a class I would like to take.

Sandy K
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Moraldo Rubini
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Post by Moraldo Rubini »

How great to see that Facets is still happening. I lived in Chicagoland about 20 years ago and used to attend screenings at Facets. I think it was on Fullerton, no? I hope you'll keep us updated on what's going on with Facets, and repertory houses in Chicago. Is the Music Box still playing classic films?


If you ever play a Rossellini Film Festival; I'm soooo there. I've never even seen his most famous Stromboli, Paisà, or Roma, Città Aperta on the big screen. What a treat that would be!
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moira finnie
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Post by moira finnie »

Welcome, Brandon.
I'm delighted that ChiO guided you to us. I look forward to reading your observations on films and culture. Your presence should keep us all on our toes!
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Ann Harding
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Post by Ann Harding »

Welcome Brandon! Wilder, Sturges and Powell are also favourites of mine!!! :D
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Post by charliechaplinfan »

Welcome Brandon, I'd love to take one of your classes.
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Post by MissGoddess »

ChiO wrote:MissG: Don't be afraid to welcome Brandon -- he likes Ford and Fuller. Oh, and Timothy Carey.
Bienvenue, M. B sur L!!!

I am MissG, also known to ChiO as "Pappy's Curse"! :lol:

And I'm delighted you are here.
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