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It is my considered opinion . . .

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It is my considered opinion . . .

Postby mrsl » July 3rd, 2015, 6:00 pm

I have discovered that when watching a remake, you must have NOT seen the original. I guess it's just human nature to compare, but often there is absolutely no comparison that is fair and just. I just saw the remake of Winchester 73 with Tom Tryon and John Saxon. Tom is definitely no Jimmie Stewart, but since the story has been completely re-written, there is no need for him to be similar. Most remakes are fairly good movies in their own right, but the acting and direction are so vastly different between the 40/50's and now, even when the script is followed to the T, the remake comes off lacking somehow. In the original Winchester, Shelly was a seemingly virginal young bride who thought of Stewart and his side kick as "nice people" simply because they had treated her like a lady, and though she may have been a "goo" girl, she wasn't a saint. On the other hand Barbara Luna was a tough, saloon/upstairs girl from the get-go. Shelly brought a kind of warmth to the part which pulled you into her charming psyche, whereas Luna leaves you not really caring what happens to her.

Although I still haven't seen Lee Marvin's Monte Walsh, I expect he also was able to bring a kind of caring from the audience because Lee is good at that, but Tom Selleck didn't play it for sympathy. The only time he really showed feeling was when his lady (?) died. But again, seeing this version, by Selleck I feel this is a remarkable study of the changing times of the American cowboy and how he was forced to deal with it, and I imagine many of them couldn't.

Can anyone give me any more thoughts on the subject?

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Re: It is my considered opinion . . .

Postby Lomm » July 3rd, 2015, 11:00 pm

I have to basically take it as a clean slate or I spend the whole film comparing the two. It's hard, especially if the original (as it so often is) was a superior take on the subject.

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