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Collected "Variety Obituaries"

Read any good books lately?

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Collected "Variety Obituaries"

Postby egolden » July 3rd, 2008, 2:16 pm

I have Vol. 1 (1908-1928) and it is my favorite bedside reading. These volumes are impossible to find, for love or money (though to be fair, I haven't tried love yet).

Does anyone know where I can get Vol. II (1929-1938)? Bookfinder claims that several sellers (mostly amazon-related) have it, but they are lying through their teeth--I have tried ordering the copies listed, and after a few months I get a message that "umm, well, we don't actually have the copy we claimed, we were hoping one would materialize if we clapped loud enough . . ."

I will pay ludicrous amounts of cash-dough if anyone knows where I can get this book . . .

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