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Sight & Sound (September)

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Sight & Sound (September)

Postby ChiO » September 24th, 2009, 10:02 am

The issue I've been checking for at my local magazine store for three weeks: The Mad, The Bad and the Dangerous -- 50 Visionary Film-Makers. For those who like lists as guides for films to explore, this is worth hunting down. I have familiarity with just enough of the featured directors to avoid feeling like a blithering idiot, and many more that the write-ups prompt me to explore further (and a frightening number of directors I hadn't even heard of).

The list covers directors from the early days (DeMille may be the earliest) to the present. Some omissions that surprised me: Fuller, Pasolini (but Fellini made it), Fassbinder (but Herzog made it), and Von Stroheim (but two other Von's made it: Sternberg & Trier).

The article has several sidebars, one of which is a list of eleven directors that the writer thought deserving of special notice for having made only one movie of spectacular note. Three cheers for Charles Laughton, Herk Harvey, and the MAN BITES DOG gang!!! The one I must now search for is TAM-LIN (aka THE DEVIL'S WIDOW)(Roddy McDowall, 1971).

Also in the issue: an interview with Quentin Tarantino with a focus on INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS (If John Ford's mother had never met John Ford's father, I'd have figured out shooting through a doorway would make a cool shot.), an interview with Pedro Almodovar (I'm like a bigamist -- I need to be unfaithful to the story I'm telling.), and an article on the '60s films of Oshima Nagisa.
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