What Movie Related Book Have You Read Lately?

Read any good books lately?

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What Movie Related Book Have You Read Lately?

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In honor of the great long running thread on the TCM Boards, I'm going to start one here. Yes, classic movie fans are a literate bunch and just like opinions of movies, have great opinions of books about the movies.

I'll start with WC FIELDS & ME, a book published in 1971 written by his long term companion Carlotta Monti. I've wanted to see the movie based on this book FOREVER, mostly to see fave Jack Cassidy playing fave John Barrymore, but it's held from public view. I found this on a $1 table not knowing there even was a book-what a bargain!

Thankfully, this is not a linear 'from childhood to success to death' story -it's as exactly as the title states; Monti's impressions of life with Fields -"Woody" as she refers to him.
And by doing so, you get a pretty vibrant picture of the incredibly quirky man, his actions and his way of thinking in every day situations & his Hollywood career. Monti is never mean, in fact she's pretty loving and gentle even when disclosing pretty unflattering aspects of his personality.
Fields was extremely guarded & suspicious of those trying to get a piece of him, rightly so. Although labeled "difficult" on the movie set, his antics never came from narcissism or ego but from concern for how the comedy would play on screen.

By no means is this a "tell all" book and thank goodness. Instead, she just tells you what life was like with her beloved Woody and it's left for YOU to decide.
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Re: What Movie Related Book Have You Read Lately?

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W.C. Fields and Me can be watched on the Russian site Mail.ru, on YouTube, and on Amazon Prime.

Regarding movie-related books that I've read . . .

I'm currently slogging through SPAGHETTI WESTERNS Cowboys and Europeans from Karl May to Sergio Leone by Christopher Frayling.

After seeing Christopher Frayling expound on and rhapsodize about movies, I was eager to read Frayling's monograph. But after enduring his severely academic, arduously pedantic and prolix, and lethally soporific prose, any interest that I had in reading other books written by Frayling has shriveled like a burnt-out cheroot clenched between the teeth of Clint Eastwood. The crowded, densely packed page layout and typography of the 2006 I.B. Tauris edition that I have compound the torture. As do Frayling's paragraph-sized sentences that cry out for merciful punctuation to give this reader's eyes salvation and relief.

Frayling is/was a Rector of the Royal College of Art and Professor of Cultural History, which I guess is an alibi for authoring such a dry and drab tome. Bombarding the reader with lists, tables, appendices the size of small novellas, and waaaay more than a fistful of sociological and analytical statistics, Frayling ploddingly wrings the pleasure and thrills out of Spaghetti Westerns.

. . . which provokes me to append the lengthy name of Frayling's study with a cautionary subtitle: The Good, The Bad, and The Boring.
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