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Home from the Hill (1960), part of Robert Mitchum Sign. Coll

Posted: January 5th, 2008, 10:38 am
by movieman
Watched using a Dell computer, equipped with a NEC DVD RW ND3520A player + Dell 17" 4:3 screen.

The film

I like the film. Beautiful photography.
Robert Mitchum gives us one of his best performances. I found Eleanor Parker's acting irritable. She never convinced me. If the tone she uses is meant to be like everyday talk it's terrible. She sounds prissy and annoying.
Haven't seen her in anything else.
I have to agree with others on the net that George Hamilton is not a very good actor. James Dean could have been much better in the part (if he'd been alive) or Anthony Perkins.
George Peppard, though, is very good.

The film is melodramatic, perhaps, overly so. The ending felt a bit tacked on and unbelievable, but up until the end the movie was quite entertaining. The plot, in fact, differs from the novel especially in the ending. I was waiting for Mitchums scenes while watching.

Film transfer to DVD

I believe there's something wrong with the picture. The Cinemascope picture didn't look right. It was irritable. It looked like the picture area was slightly squeezed from the sides. I believe the picture should have been a bit wider. The actors looks a bit thin and squeezed. I haven't found any other review on the net commenting on this, so, is it just me?

Colors look a bit faded. Otherwise the picture quality is fine.

The sound is a bit thin and sharp sounding. But, no problem.

No extras to speak of except for the trailer.

Re: Home from the Hill (1960), part of Robert Mitchum Sign. Coll

Posted: August 18th, 2012, 1:32 pm
by movieman
Re my comment on faults in the aspect ratio:

I think it was the 4:3 computer screen or the program I used to watch the movie which squeeezed the picture a bit from the sides.
Watching it on my 40 inch 16:9 TV there was no problem.