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"Man Without a Star" Western on Region 2 (UK) DVD

Posted: April 5th, 2012, 10:38 am
by movieman

I'm chiming in to tell you about the new region 2 UK release of "Man Without a Star" (1955).
I've previously bought this movie twice on DVD:
1. Asian (2004) release featuring horrible picture quality in 4:3 format. Dark and messy, bordering on unwatchable.

2. French (2007) release from Calysta / SGGC featuring much better picture quality, but still not great in 4:3 format. It even boasted the picture and sound was restored.

And this brings us to the current release which looks the best I've ever seen of this movie. It can't get much better on standard DVD. The colors are rich and the picture format is 16:9.
I believe 16:9 is the more correct picture format for this movie. It was most probably filmed with SuperScope matting in mind.
I haven't watched the whole disc yet, just a couple of bits and pieces.
This british release from Universal / Pegasus Ent. is reported on the net to rival the German (2011) release.
As you can see from these screencaps, the colors looks washed out on the German DVD: ... a_star.htm

But, as I said: The british DVD is the best. Strong colors and clear picture.
Buy it!

Mr. Even B., Norway