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I Restore Movie Posters!

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I Restore Movie Posters!

Postby TikiSoo » March 30th, 2009, 7:51 am

Hope this isn't too "off topic", but I am a movie poster collector AND a museum trained restoration artist. I just picked up a stack of old posters and will start in restoring (removing old tape marks, fixing tears, cleaning surface) and then backing and matting with archival acid free materials, ready to frame.

If you need your posters restored or archivally preserved, feel free to PM me through this board.
If you have any specific interests (ie crime, cowboy, JD films), I may have something stored away for you. I don't deal in high end (big stars like Gable, important films like Casablanca) as they are out of reach for most collectors, $300-3000.

But for a fraction of that, ($20-30) these are still fun and usually offer great slogans ("A panorama of abnormalities"!) & graphics and sometimes a "star" in a lesser role. And I matt them to fit in a 22x28 standard size frame which can be found anywhere. the 14x36 are a bit tougher to frame, but it still can be done fairly inexpensively

Here's some examples:

Oops, Defiant Daughters has been sold-sorry!


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