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Postby Gagman 66 » October 13th, 2007, 3:39 pm


:o I posted an earlier response the other night, but it got deleted in the server crash. Anyway, thanks much for the info on FAZIL. Although, surely it must have been screened somewhere again, since clear back in 1985? Hasn't it? At least, I would hope so?

:? What can you tell us about this picture? I know it's another Fox Silent with Charles Farrell, Greta Nissen, and Mae Busch. I believe Farrell is an Arab Prince, or some such?

:? Do you recall the condition of the print perhaps? Was it in pretty good shape? What can you tell us about the story?

:roll: Was the Vintage score still in-tact? Apparently, it does survive? Without question, the beautiful melody of the "Neapolitan Nights" song from the Movie-tone track, positively haunts my dreams! I must say, that hearing the tune has unquestionably served to arouse my curiosity over this movie all the more!

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