Detergent pods

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Detergent pods

Post by mrsl »

I've already posted on a couple of other sites, but am trying to spread the word as much as possible.

As much as I worry about the possibility of this becoming a "Big Brother is watching" state, sometimes, as in the case of a strange comment about how you need a license to own a dog, drive a car, get married, etc. - - you do not need one to have, or raise children. I was appalled recently when on a news cast, I learned that over 7,000 children have died or been critically harmed by playing with these new detergent pods and they are considering forcing the soap companies to discontinue this method of dispensing detergent.

For heavens sake, this is a definite action of killing the messenger! Where are the parents of these kids? Why is the detergent stored where a small child can gain access to it? I had 4 kids with the oldest being 5 years old at one time, yet I never came even close to having any accident of this kind. Cleaning and laundry items were kept in a cabinet high above the washer/dryer, even when I lived in a small two bedroom apartment where, instead it was kept in my bedroom on a top shelf in the closet. A sixth sense just told me to keep it away from the kids but I'm afraid these new parents today just don't have that sixth sense anymore. There are just too many shootings, and children falling from terraces, and other awful accidents that befall little ones. What is going on? I realize this is a movie site, but perhaps part of the problem is that people just don't talk to each other any longer. As a young mother, all my friends were also young mothers, and when we gathered at parties or picnics, we talked about these things. Nowadays at parties, everyone is tapping away on some contrived electronic device. They say hello and goodbye, and little else in between.

Am I as usual, worrying about nothing?


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Re: Detergent pods

Post by Lomm »

I think in many cases, young parents do not realize the incredible responsibility they now have. By the time some figure it out, it can be too late. :(

Of course, what you must realize is that in this day and age, we hear MUCH more about what is going on in the world. An incident with detergent balls (lol) in Missoula Montana (to pick an out of the way place) would likely have made the local paper 20 years ago, while today it is sensationalized into national news coverage. With a number of incidents (and how many were sold vs those 7,000, which seems awfully high to me), and we suddenly have a nanny state reaction to want to ban them things. Sheesh. I keep cleaning stuff up high, where you have to be at least 5 feet tall to reach them. My kids are older now, so I don't really have to; I still do. Other people might have kids that are young that come to visit. My dog might get into it, etc. It's just common sense. We only hear about these people who lack it because of the internet.
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Re: Detergent pods

Post by Maricatrin »

No one wants to take responsibility for their own actions (or lack thereof) anymore. Some woman tripped on a tree root at a local park, and now she and her husband are suing. Really? Just watch where you're walking. :roll:

This has to be the ultimate I'm-criminally-irresponsible-but-I-need-to-blame-someone-else lawsuit: a woman's four pit bulls kill her neighbor's beagle, and now she's suing them. ... s-26939481
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