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Texas Carnival

Isn't Romantic Comedy redundant?

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Texas Carnival

Postby mrsl » April 19th, 2010, 12:38 am

I saw this one a long, long time ago and nothing has really changed about it. It's still one of the silliest movies you'll ever see. However, although it's silly, it's also fun. I don't think there is one serious line in the whole movie. It's such a series of screw-ups, that Red Skelton and Ester Williams (as close friends or brother and sister, I never found out), are constantly trying to extricate themselves from. Of course there is Ann Miller chasing after Red like he was gold as usual, and Howard Keel on Ester's heels like a shadow. Oddly there is very little singing, and only ONE, can you believe it ONE, swimming scene? At the end, there is a kind of Keystone Cops type of Chuck wagon race in which Red totally demolishes his wagon which could probably make the kids laugh like crazy. Finally we have Paula Raymond and Keenan Wynn to round out the party, although neither of them knows what is going on.

But like I said, it is totally for fun and laughs, you won't learn a thing, and I'm pretty sure it was filmed on a studio backlot, so there is very little scenery, but it's definitely a good one for a cold winter evening, with some wine and popcorn.

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