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Article '99'

Isn't Romantic Comedy redundant?

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Article '99'

Postby mrsl » November 11th, 2013, 9:15 am

I watched this 22 year old movie this morning from start to finish. I've seen bits and pieces of it before but could never see the whole thing until today. Actually I feel it should be re-released to wake people up especially now when we finally have a president who really cares about the American people, which I still firmly believe. It was made and released during the original Bush term but the facts and events are still pertinent now. It's about several doctors and nurses in a VA hospital ignoring policies and trying to give patients the care they are not receiving due to funding and personnel cuts. A lot of the scenarios are funny and could almost make this a comedy, but it is really a comedy/drama, considering the wars we have been in since it was made in 1992. At one point an orderly is seen carrying some patient records down to the storage room where we see the piled up cartons which are familiar to us from our recent news casts although the piles are higher than they were then. Article 99 stars some very young Ray Liottas, Kiefer Sutherlands, Forest Whittakers, Leah Thompsons and Kathy Bakers, hiding patients from nurses when they should have been released, doing late night surgery, making up orders just to keep patients in hospital because they have no one to care for them at home and/or need constant care. As I stated, it has enough humor to keep you in a light mood, but is also, still an unfortunate sign of our times. It was played on one of the HBO channels, so I assume it will be on again some time this month.

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Re: Article '99'

Postby RedRiver » November 11th, 2013, 12:35 pm

This sounds quite interesting. And, as you say, relevant.

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