Change in Personnel

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Change in Personnel

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To: Dean Finnie

From: Lzcutter, Dean: Film Restoration and Preservation Dept.

Re: Personnel Change

Dear M,

Hope all is well with you. Glad the new semester got off to a quiet start for a change. After the wild parties of last winter and spring, I think the townspeople appreciated our understated opening of the Fall Semester.

That said, I wanted to let you know that we have had a change in personnel here in the Department. Not to worry, the usual suspects are all still here (including your favorite bartender extradordinare).

As you may recall, we hired one JackBurley last year to maintain our Musical Heritage Films. Everyone loved his work and his singing voice was most wonderful to listen to. He knew all the lyrics to all the Tin Pan Alley songs and would often just break into song because he felt like it.

Well, it seems that JB, Filmlover and a couple of the students were out one evening on the town as it were. Despite the downpour, they started off for town and were seen singin' in the rain as they walked. Luckily Filmlover had remembered to take umbrellas for everyone. As they made their way through town headed for the pub, they passed the Little Shop of Horrors (old man Potter's business) and were, for them, quite respectful.

There was talk of flying down to Rio but that was quickly scuttled when they decided instead that the trip was better taken in the good old summertime. There was talk of going to the continent but no one wanted to be just an American in Paris.

As one of the students had just returned from an performing as part of the summer stock season up north, they headed for the aforementioned pub.

During the course of the evening, Jack Burley took a blow to the head.

I have questioned our teaching assistant, Filmlover, who really should be promoted to Associate Teacher with all the heavy lifting he does around here filling in for some of the faculty, extensively about this.

All Filmlover will say is that JB got into a rather heated discussion with one of the boys in the motorpool over the new restoration set, Mickey and Judy, that we have just released.

Fisticuffs (a must it seems when the boys from the motor pool are involved) ensued and JB took a chair to the head.

I am glad to say that he is just fine. He just now likes to be called Moraldo Rubini.

We have no problem with this but the girls down in Personnel still issue his checks as Jack Burley.

As he has no idea who this Jack Burley character is, he refuses to answer to the name.

Can you please speak with the Head of Personnel. Moraldo would be glad to fill out any necessary paperwork to get the checks issued in his name.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter,

Lynn in Lake Balboa

"Film is history. With every foot of film lost, we lose a link to our culture, to the world around us, to each other and to ourselves."

"For me, John Wayne has only become more impressive over time." Marty Scorsese

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Thanks for the chuckle, Lynn! :lol:

Sandy K
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