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Posted: October 20th, 2007, 1:36 pm
by mrsl
To: Dean Finnie

From: Mrs L

Re: Files

Since Security Secretary Sue-Sue was so-so at the time of the flaming files flight, how is she now-now . . ummm today?

Were the files and truck tracked down to be sure they were completely destroyed? Naturally I care about Miss Applegate, but those files held quite sensitive material and must be tended to. I will be happy to contact Messrs. George Sanders and his brother Tom Conway to ask their assistance in following up on the truck.

Mrs. L

Posted: October 20th, 2007, 11:49 pm
by Lzcutter
To: Dean Finnie

From: LzCutter, Dean of Film Preservation and Restoration

Dear Moira,

I thought I should let you know that there is a small Carnivale camping out on the edge of campus.

Earlier this afternoon I was out picnicking with Prof. Lee Marvin, Ass't Coach Ben Johnson and Anne. We were having a wonderful time when Lee, er Prof. Marvin, caught a glimpse of the Carnivale trucks in the distance.

By the time we had finished our picnic, the troupe had begun to set up camp.

I'm not sure who gave them permission to set up camp on College land nor if they plan to come closer to town or what their story is.

I know that the whole blow-up over the Security Dept and Hopper has kept the Security guys rather busy but perhaps someone could be enticed into finding out what the story with the Carnivale is?

Prof. Marvin has volunteered but would like to take a couple of re-enforcements with him. He politely declines the help of Prof. Lancaster as he suspects there may be chooch dancers as part of the troupe and knows how Prof. Lancaster will react upon finding them. Perhaps Vic McLaglen, Ward Bond and two others?

Please advise at your earliest chance.




Posted: October 21st, 2007, 12:51 pm
by Sue Sue Applegate
TO: LZCutter, Dean of Film Preservation, Restoration and Dean Finnie

FROM: Professor Hans Neumann

Dear Deans,

It has come to my attention since I have been attending Miss Applegate's affairs since her concussion and subsequent delirium, that several queries concerning a "Carnivale" on the outskirts of College property have roused concern and quite possibly a posse to deal with "undesirables" on CCC real estate.

I can assure you that here is but a simple band of folk wishing to commune with nature before they tarry on their way to a new life amongst the flora and fauna, nearest the next hill and dale, for my dear cousin, an upstanding member of their troupe, has informed me that their stay will be brief and unevenful as they are preparing for a long trek to a council meeting far away and due to extremely excruciating circumstances and undeniably difficult terrain. I would most humbly beg the indulgence of the college for these weary vagabonds.

As to the "chooch" dancers, they are not actually a part of the official gypsy camp, and are mere uninducted co-travelers.

Professor Hans Neumann
CCC Infirmary
Interim Assistant to Miss Applegate

Posted: October 27th, 2007, 4:24 am
by Lzcutter
To: Dean Finnie


From: LzCutter, Film Preservation and Restoration

Dear M,

I am not sure who this Hans Neumann character is but I wanted to pass on the following information:

Prof. Marvin reports that Hans Neumann is either delusional or has been tricked by the Carnivale still camped on the outskirts of campus.

Prof. Marvin, ably assisted by Ass't Coach Johnson, Wrestling Coach Vic McLaglen, Coach Ward Bond and an unidentified fourth party (who may be teaching assistant), have reported back that the Carnivale is not at all what Hans Neumann is reporting. They think he may have been intoxicated (outside of his control, perhaps) when he filed his report.

Here is what they have related to me:
The entire troop looks like they have been traveling the Dust Bowl circuit for many months.

The midway rides include a ferris wheel named Collosus run by Clayton "Jonesy" Jones. McLaglen swears that Jones was once a baseball player who was blackballed. McLaglen also swears that the reason the man wears a leg brace is because he refused to forfeit a game for the likes of Arnold Rothstein. Rothstein, of course, is said to be behind the Black Sox scandal. Draw your own conclusions, McLaglen says, about the leg brace.

Depending upon your baseball loyalties, McLaglen tells me that so far nothing to get overly excited about (though he seems to not want to engage the attention of Rothstein's gang).

However, from here it gets rather interesting.
There is a snake dancer, a woman named Ruthie, who dances as one would expect with snakes.

There is a mentalist, one Prof. Lodz, who appears to be blind but can identify objects from the audience and who owns them. Prof. Martin is convinced that there is some scheme involved in this.

There is a gentleman geek, one Hank Scudder, who seems to have learned from the great Stan Carlisle. Though I am not sure that the campus should be subjected to a man who bites the heads off chickens.

The man in charge of the Carnivale is referred to as Management, though no one in the troupe seems to have really seen him. His right hand man, Samson, does all the talking.

And according to the men, he is a smooth talker.

There is a faith healer, one Benjamin St. John, who seems to be able to cure what ever ails you.

Our men think he is a fake.

There are cooch dancers with the Carnivale, a mother and daughter act. How EWWW! is that! There is also a Siamese twin act, a bearded lady named Lila, a mother and daughter tarot card act and a Lizard Man!

Prof. Martin and the others suggest strongly that we keep an eye on this troupe as they seem to be more than they appear on the surface.

I await your reply,


Posted: October 28th, 2007, 1:56 am
by Lzcutter
Urgent and Confidential
To: Dean Finnie

From: Wrestling Coach Vic McLaglen

Re: Strange sightings

Dear Dean,

I hope that you will be forgiving me for writing to you in such a manner but something I have seen this evening does not set well with me and after much thought (and an occasional conversation with some others) I thought it best to bring it to your attention.

Now, I know my reputation around campus is not always the best and even I have the rumors about meself.

I won't be denying that I like the drink. You know, all too well, how true that statement is.

However, I appreciate more than you realize, that knowing that, you have continued to let me be a valuable member of the faculty and let me coach the Wrestling Team for more years than I can thank you for.

That said, I wanted to let you know about something strange I saw this evening.

Most folks will chalk it up to me being in my cups. But I swear Dean Finnie, on Mrs. Brittles' grave, I was as sober as the day is long.

I was coming back from town (don't want to say where I was as there was a lady involved and I would hate for her to embarrassed) and I took the short cut across the back of campus.

That's where that Carnivale that Dean Cutter and Prof. Martin told you about earlier this week are camped.

Well, Dean Finnie, I swear I saw a bunch a little people scurrying across the ground on their arms (they did not seem to have no legs) chasing someone!

They had the look of Caine upon them and I pray that whoever they were chasing was able to outrun them because they looked like they were out for revenge.

I know this sounds crazy and folks will say I was in me cups. But I swear, Dean Finnie, as God as my witness what I wrote here was true. I was, even for me, stone cold sober. You can check with Professors Martin, Wayne and Bond as I went immediately looking for them as what I saw spooked me so bad I had to talk to someone.

They were all at MrsL's Boarding House enjoying the light evening breeze with Ass't Coach Johnson, Anne and the aforementioned, Dean Cutter.

They all agreed that I had to tell you immediately what I witnessed.

Profs Martin, Wayne and Bond believe that we should make sure that everyone on campus is accounted for and then we should ask this Carnivale to leave.

I understand that they are doing a land's office business with their midway and Carnie acts (especially the Gentleman Geek, ugh) but there is something about them after the lights have been doused and the saps have gone home that causes me great concern.

There is more here than meets the eye.

Yours (surprised in his soberity),

Coach McLaglen aka Vic