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Crisis in The B & B in February

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Crisis in The B & B in February

Postby mrsl » January 22nd, 2008, 12:50 am

Classic Cinema College Blvd.

Memo to: Dean Moira Finnie

From: Mrs. L - Proprietess of the Bed and Breakfast Inn

Re: The Month of February


Ah yes, February is nearly here. Many Jaws will drop and I hope all of my friends here at CCC will Stand By Me as I'm sure I'll be receiving a Big Chill regarding all the repeats I will have to install in my little 'Grand Hotel'. You would think I was planting Steel Magnolias in my foyer instead of a pleasant little Garden of Allah type of entrance, but complaints arrive every year at this time because not everyone likes to celebrate classic events.

Since You Went Away last Fall, I've spent many a High Noon On the Beach contemplating old and new friends. Choir participants Rebecca, Joan, Tootsie, Dustin, Greer and even Mrs. Miniver are helping to choose garden decor. Since Only Angels have Wings, we have decided against Ordinary People as statuettes, and Tinkerbell fairies as The Birds.

Being big on digging and carpentry, Professors Paul Newman and Sidney Poitier are Raging Bulls when it comes to heavy work. Dr. Debbie, whom we have dubbed the Unsinkable Molly Brown, has certainly proven to be as energetic as our three 'wild' men, Mr. Travis Tyree, Mr. Jeff Yorke, and Mr. Sandy Boone are at riding horses.

In any event, I plan to display many new things right alongside of the old, hopefully in this way, my little B & B will continue as the receiver of the Bedknobs and Broomsticks award.

Please notify me if you have any suggestions.

Thank you,

Mrs. L.
B&B Enterprises, Inc.


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