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Time to Celebrate!

Posted: April 1st, 2008, 1:11 pm
by Lzcutter
TO: Dean Finnie, Classic Cinema College

From: Lzcutter, Head of Film Preservation and Restoration

RE: Time to Celebrate!


Well, my brother, Billy (Judge Priest) called this morning to let me know that our year-long moratorium is almost over.

Who knew that last year's Spring Break and Spartacus Invitational could have wrecked so much havoc not only on our little College but the nearby town as well.

Billy assures me that the villagers have all but forgotten how disruptive we could be and, in fact, the local pub has been crying out for Wrestling Coach Vic McLaglen to stop by for a pint.

But Klondike and the boys in the motor pool have kept Vic out of harm's way. How they managed to do that for almost a year I have no idea but there has been talk of the awful potato smell that is known to emit from the motor pool garage on more than one occasion.

Anyways, Billy says that we should celebrate as long as we don't go too overboard and get the villagers riled up again.

MrsL over at the B and B says that she has secretly been hoping that we will do something and has refurbished the entire house in hopes of some of our prestigious alumni and donors can be enticed to join us for our celebration.

Do you suppose we can have a week-long celebration or would a weekend celeb be better. I can think of a dozen professors and staff who would love a week long celebration.

MoraldoRubini has done a great job of replacing JackBurley in our Musical Film Restoration Department and assures me that he could keep projectionists Buster Keaton and Chuck McCann busy all week with wonderful Technicolor treats to show.

I wanted to get your approval (and possibly your help) before starting to plan.

I'm sure that Klondike and MrsL will want to weigh in as well as our publicist SueSue (she does put a good spin on our overboard shenanigans).

Billy says that as long as the law isn't called and the villagers don't come at us with pitchforks we should be okay.

So, what do you say, Moira, shall we celebrate in style?

Yours truly,


Posted: April 2nd, 2008, 3:36 am
by Sue Sue Applegate

Shall we initiate with an afternoon garden party? Pitchers of Pimm's #1, Mrsl's award-winning cucumber sandwiches, ladies in their finest chapeaus, an invitational tennis match presided over by one of the Fairbanks clan, and an official roster of events announced after the finals?

A Mr. Burgess Meredith, claiming professorship over the "Department of Numerology and Prestidigitation" insists on a "running with the foxes" but I wasn't sure whether he meant the Victor Mature crowd or the John Huston enclave.

Any recommendations or final decisions? Please keep me informed as to the updates for press releases.

Sue Sue