Moved from Yahoo: Spring Frolic Film Series

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Moved from Yahoo: Spring Frolic Film Series

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Re: CCC Update: Breaking News about Spring Frolic!


From: JackBurley, Head of Musical Heritage Restoration

To: Buster Keaton, Projectionist, Cecil B. Demille Theater
CC: Chuck McCann, Ass't Projectionist, Cecil B. Demille Theater


Here is the schedule for this afternoon's screening and the screening
on Saturday. Please note that there will be no screenings tomorrow as
the response to our Spartacus Invitational and Good Friday Chariot
Race and other events, has been overwhelming.

The films for this series will be delivered by Filmlover and Jahrfive.
Please inspect each print as I don't want another fiasco like we had
earlier this week with the film breaking during a crucial scene.

I had no idea when I ran up to the booth to see if you two had the
situation in hand that I would find you both wrapped in celluloid as
the broken film swirled around your bodies.

I can only assume that you both were grandfathered into these jobs by
relatives in the union.

Should there be any problem, CALL ME immediately.

Thursday, April 5th:

1:00 Radio Bugs

1:05 The Taming of the Shrew

3:00 Forbidden Planet

5:00 Kiss Me Kate

No screenings this evening because everyone should hurry over to the
Theater for Max Reinhardt's production of "A Midsummer's Night Dream"

Saturday, April 7th:

9:00 am College Swing (1938)

10:30 am Pigskin Parade (1936)

12:15 pm Boyhood Daze, Tin Pan Alley Cats, Pettin' in the Park

12:30 pm Collegiate (1936)

2:00 pm Sweetheart of the Sigma Chi (1933)

1:55 pm Katnip Kollege (1938)

2:00 pm Good News (1947)

3:30 pm The Big Game (1936)

5:00 pm Dinner Break

6:00 pm Premiere of the restored version of "Million Dollar Legs"
with discussion to follow.


JackBurley, Head of Musical Heritage Restoration
Lynn in Lake Balboa

"Film is history. With every foot of film lost, we lose a link to our culture, to the world around us, to each other and to ourselves."

"For me, John Wayne has only become more impressive over time." Marty Scorsese

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