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Upcoming CCC Festivities

Posted: April 18th, 2008, 6:28 pm
by Lzcutter
TO: MrsL, proprietress of the Happy Dale B&B.
MoraldoRubini, Head of Film Musical Restoration
MoiraFinnie, Dean of the CCC
Klondike, Facilitator of all that seems impossible

FROM: Lzcutter, Dean of the Film Restoration and Preservation Dept.


Great news! Looks like the B&B will be filled with 100% occupancy for our upcoming end of the month celebration.

Long-time Donor and one-time Professor, Marty Scorsese has cabled that he will be here and would like to stay at Happy Dale.

He has also requested that Chef Felix prepare an family-style Italian Dinner to which he has included a guest list which is quite extensive and we may have to move that meal to a dining hall to accommodate everyone.

Also, sending their confirmations for rooms at Happy Dale are film historian Robert Osborne and a couple of retired professors who wish to return to the fray, William Holden and Gloria Swanson. They should not be housed near one another and neither are allowed near the pool at the same time. There is some very bad blood between the two.

We will need to let Professor Barbara Stanwyck know that her "golden boy" is returning for a visit.

While Kyle in Hollywood is on sabbatical, I will try to coerce into helping man the bar that week.

Professor Cary Grant, as always, pleads for everyone to keep an eye on his two aunties should they try to serve their dreaded elderberry wine to any guests.

Many of the staff are preparing a big tribute to Professor Emeritus John Ford. Last I heard, MissGoddess was in charge of that. So far Linguistics Professor Maureen O'Hara has signed on and most of the athletic department including Coaches Wayne, Bond, MacLaglen, Johnson, Marvin and Qualen have joined up.

Under no circumstances is Richard Boone to think that he is in charge. He may join in but it will not be his to control. Can you please let him know that?

Professor James "Call me Jimmy" Stewart has rsvp'd. We will need to keep him away from Professor Katherine Hepburn if possible.


Have we heard at all from the Paramount contingent including Sheldrack?


As soon as I have the screening list for the Ford Festival (though I know they aren't musicals) I will pass it along. In the meantime, any suggestions you have for screenings would be great.

It is good that you saved that pink reel of Deluxe film from "The Robe" as Prof. Scorsese would like to use it at his Restoration and Preservation Lecture as an example of what can happen to the color of film over the years.

Well, that's the latest update. I do hope the boys in the motorpool are getting their uniforms cleaned and pressed as we will need their help shuttling guests to and fro.

Hard to believe the end of the month is almost here!

I'll keep you posted as I know more!

Posted: April 21st, 2008, 6:49 pm
by moira finnie
Memo to: Lzcutter, Dean of the Film Restoration and Preservation Dept.

Memo from: MoiraFinnie, Dean of the CCC

Hmm, a preservation of film seminar eh?
Well, that crazy Norma (Gloria Swanson) Desmond should be a good addition to that event. That dame certainly knows plenty about "preserving", since the last time she invited me over to her place for a card game, her regulars were all there--talk about waxworks! Cripes. I swear though, if she sidles up to me at the cocktail party and asks me if I'd like to officiate at a funeral of monkey again, I just might light out of there as fast as a piece of nitrate film on a hot stove. I'll leave it to her get her old pal Erich Von Stroheim to "set up the usual monkey funeral" with assistance from that guy named Seitz down in the optics lab.

More later...

Posted: April 21st, 2008, 7:27 pm
by Lzcutter
To: Dean Finnie

From: LzCutter


The Preservation of Film seminar is just part of the fun and frivolity on schedule for end of the month celebration.

I believe the Coaches are working up some sort of tribute to Prof. Charlton Heston. Some sort of memorial run, I haven't heard all the details from Coach Marvin yet though he has been dropping hints.

I think we were all a bit saddened that Prof. Heston wasn't able to have his usual Good Friday Chariot Race this year. Luckily, we were still recovering from last year's.

I'll keep you posted on details as Coach Marvin drops them to me.

I hope that MoraldoRubini is putting together a Musical tribute to beat the band. I have heard that Musical Professor Robert Preston and Librarian Marion Paroo are planning some sort of parade.

I know that Anne is expecting a full house at the B&B. I also suspect that Coach Johnson may be proposing soon. But we should probably keep that one under our hats.

You don't suppose ol' Norma would like to be on the Film Preservation
panel do you?

Anyways, I look forward to hearing what others have planned for end of the month festivities!