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Moved From Yahoo: Million Dollar Legs Party

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Moved From Yahoo: Million Dollar Legs Party

Postby Lzcutter » April 19th, 2007, 11:53 pm

Re: CCC Update: Million Dollar Legs Party

Dear Diary,

I know that I am skipping around events but there is just so much to tell about the Spring Frolic and I am liable to forget all that I have seen. I am sure that others will be reporting in on the events but I wanted to have a place to record my thoughts and observations so here goes:

The Million Dollar Legs After Party:

Oh Diary, this was the most beautiful Art Deco nite club setting that I have ever seen, and as head of Film Restoration, I have seen my fair share of beautiful sets. JackBurley has certainly raised the bar for set decoration and throwing a party on this campus!

Hollywood Kyle was the man behind the bar and it was the most lavish bar in recent memory, all black onyx table top with pink and grey bar stools, cocktail napkins and such. Kyle spent most of the evening pouring drinks for the party goers and trying to keep them from going around the bend. One or two probably saw the elephant way too early in the evening and had to call it a night.

Harry James and his Orchestra provided the entertainment with Helen Forrest, Dick Hyams and Connie Haines sitting in with the band. But the big moment came when Mrs. Harry James, Betty Grable, joined the band and sang "You Made Me Love You" and "What Will I Do". There wasn't a dry eye in the house and the affect the song had on the party goers, well, was one for the books.

Dean Finnie was there with some of the College's more elite donors but during Ms. Grable's set, ignored the elite donors to trip the light fantastic with Prof. Klondike. Prof. Klondike, bruised and a tad battered from the Chariot Race kept referring to her as Buffalo Gal and the smile on her face lit up the room more than the revolving mirror ball above the dance floor.

MrsL, the owner of the B&B, was there with Assistant Coach Ben Johnson. Anne looked ravishing in her smart hat, matching pumps and wonderful black and silver dress. Coach Johnson appeared to be the happiest man in the room until Prof. Mitchum, who had a tad too much to drink, tried to break up their fun.

While Johnson was getting MrsL a glass of champagne, Mitchum approached her and started to give her lip for being out with another man. She protested that since he had not bothered to call or send a note in the last month she could hardly think that construed they had a relationship. She futhermore reminded him of the campus gossip surrounding himself and Prof. Jane Geer. She asked Mitchum if he thought her stupid enough to ignore the gossip.

"Baby, I'm not so bad" he replied. There was the momentary swoon from MrsL and for a moment, we all thought that Mitchum would seize the moment, but just then, Coach Johnson reappeared with two glasses of champagne.

He reminded MrsL that she was, to him, the most beautiful woman in the room and if she wanted to settle for being second best to the likes of Mitchum, well that was okay. But, he (Johnson) hoped she realized that she would also be first in his book and second to none.

Well, Diary, the entire room was silent. Dry eyes were on short demand, from both sexes. Prof. Joanna Dru passed her kerchief to Prof. George O'Brien. Prof. Bogart just whistled which caused the lovely Lauren to kiss him. Dean Emertius Spencer Tracy spanked the backside of Prof. Kate Hepburn, causing her to pause and then wrap her arms around him. Prof. Myrna Loy gaved Prof. Wm Powell another martini and a smile. They quickly left.

Anne stood there, momentarily, then took to the dance floor with Coach Johnson. As they tripped the light fantastic, Prof. Mitchum was heard trying to pick up Prof. Jane Russell, just another little girl from Little Rock.

Yours truly was dancing with Prof. Lee Marvin and loving every minute of it.

From what I hear even Buck E. Cat was enjoying the evening, on the front porch with Student Teacher Filmlover's cat, Thomasina. They were spied sharing a silver platter of Fancy Feast brought to them by the ever patient SueSue Applegate who was probably cursing under her breath and wondering how she got stuck with looking after Buck E.

English Prof. Bill McCrary was trying to explain the role of trolls to a small group who seemed to hang on his every word. He appeared to be giving them lessons in how to recognize and deal with trolls. As the campus does have its fair share of bridges and questionable creatures beneath said bridges it seemed to be a fitting conversation.

After Ms. Grable had finished her set we thought the evening would end on a quiet note. However, one Sugarpuss O'Shea had other ideas. Seems this young lady, on the lam, was looking for quiet place to hide until the heat cooled off.

Well, she certainly came to the right place as she had six Professors of Linguistics immediately trying to help her. Hollywood Kyle was trying to translate, Filmlover was trying to explain and Prof. Gary Cooper was all but slack jawed at her wardrobe.

It was at that point, Prof. Lee Marvin offered to walk me home.

I said yes and so, Good night, Dear Diary.

Perhaps others can help fill in the blanks.
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