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Posted: January 19th, 2009, 2:14 pm
by mrsl


My Goodness it's been quite a while since we've had a little chit-chat here at the old Classic Cinema College, so long it's no wonder some folks had different ideas about it. I hope everyones holidays were merry and the new year has brought some nice surprises. In speaking with the various instructors and students during the past 3 weeks, I found that the gift of the year seemed to be the old fashioned snow globe.

A snowglobe was a pleasant surprise to our little sports mascot Heidi, also known as Shirley when presented with it by German Vocal Coach Herr Sydney Blackmer Seseman.

Our Assistant Director of Dance, Miss Ginger Rogers, (maiden name, Kitty Foyle), makes full use of her snowglobe to bring back memories, both good and unhappy, of her past.

That witch-like Margaret Hamilton who cleans the dormitory, frightened our poor little Judy 'Dorothy' Garland with a contrived photo of her Auntie Em, seemingly looking for Dorothy, when Dorothy awoke from a scary nightmare looking for The Wizard Oz.

Whenever I hear the song 'Together' I will recall being there when Claudette opened her gift from her husband (better known as Mr. and Mrs. Tim Hilton), who is overseas on business. From the look and size of the box, I expected another snowglobe, however it turned out to be a rather ugly music box, but played the beautiful 'Together' which is a special favorite of the Hiltons.

BTW, guess who also received a snowglobe? Some of my favorite guests honored me with one which I plan to keep on the living room mantle. Yes, Mitch, Chuck and Ben must have had someone help them choose it, because I'm sure none of them would have such feminine leanings.

Again, a Happy New Year

Mrs. L.
B&B of the Classic Cinema College