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The Coming End of the Semester

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The Coming End of the Semester

Postby Lzcutter » May 7th, 2007, 3:46 pm

From: Classic Cinema College President Lewis Stone

To: All Faculty, Staff and Students

CC: Dean M. Finnie, Prof. Lzcutter, Prof. Klondike and Hollywood Kyle, publicist.

As the collegiate year is winding down for our little bastion of knowledge, I wanted to assure everyone that we will be open during the summer months though we may be running with a smaller staff due to vacations and such.

Prof. LzCutter has assured me that a Summer Film Series will be running twice a week in the Cecil B. DeMille Theater though at this point, film titles have not yet been finalized. I understand that a man with two names JackBurley/Moraldo Rubini, is in charge of the Musical Heritage series once he returns from flying around the country.

I have asked our roving reporter, VecchioLarry, to be a guest lecturer a couple times a month and share with us his stories of traveling the globe and his adventures with the stars of yore.

I am pleased to announce that Student Teacher Filmlover will be elevated to Assistant Professor of Film Writing this fall and hope that his days as a errand boy will be done for good.

MattHelm and SueSue Applegate are also on the payroll this fall SueSue has received a promotion from Campus Security Gal Friday to Assistant Publicist and will be working with Hollywood Kyle in keeping the good name of our little school in the best light possible.

JohnM and SandyKPax have graciously agreed to helm our summer stock theater this year so I hope we will have a great musical to enjoy later this summer.

Leisure Arts Professor Darrin McGavin has asked that Rusty be made his teaching assistant this fall.

Prof. Klondike has asked that HollisfromFairhope be assigned to his office to help with interdepartment memos, back-porch jawing and some such non-sense about the moon and shine.

I do hope that everyone will pitch in and continue to make our little school the best little college around.

Best of luck to all our students on their final exams. I look forward to seeing your smiling faces at the Graduation Ceremonies later this month.


Lewis J. Stone, President, Classic Cinema College
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Postby Sue Sue Applegate » May 9th, 2007, 9:35 pm

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