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Dinah Sheridan and Vivien Leigh a link

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Dinah Sheridan and Vivien Leigh a link

Postby » February 25th, 2014, 11:26 am

The 2 British actresses Vivien Leigh and Dinah Sheridan are linked in that both were romatically involved with John Merivale, in Dinah's case she married him and remained with him until his death.

It's sad though, because John as well as being Vivien's boyfriend in her last years, since her divorce from Laurence Olivier was also her carer. Then Dinah had to care for him during most of their marraige, due to his kidneys failing. This might explain why she possibly wasn't able to build on her great performance in The Railway Children, though she did work in UK tv in a few good roles. Her other great work was as John Gregson's wife in the classic Genevieve, the film that made a star out of Kay Kendal and didn't do Kenneth More any harm either

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