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Is John Hurt the next Doctor Who

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Is John Hurt the next Doctor Who

Postby » May 24th, 2013, 11:57 am


On Saturday night in the UK Doctor Who fans were left on tenderhooks when a Man, his back to the camera, turned with a capation reading John Hurt the Doctor. What does it mean I wonder.

In what was the last of the present series Matt Smith's Doctor and Clara, in order to save the lives of 3 friends travel to the place the Doctor shouldn't go, his final resting place and tomb. When Hurt's back is to them, Smith tells Clara he's me, then Hurt turned. I wondered Hurt could be the original Doctor, thereby relegating William Hartnel to 2nd and making Matt Smith the 12th and final Doctor. Then again I wondered if her could be replacing Matt and becaming the 12th Doctor. Then again it could mean something else

Also in this episode due to computer magic, all the previous Doctors make an appearence. Also Alex Kingston reprises her role as The Doctor's late wife, Professor River Strong in dream form.

In the Matt Smith Doctor's, until this last series with sidekicks Rory and Amy, I wasn't so keen, but loved it when River appeared. Loved it when Matt intruduced her as Richard Nixon as Mrs. Robinson. I think, why I wasn't so keen was because Rory and Amy were young, but the mature River appealed more to an old Scottish soldier like me

This is setting up the Doctor for the 50th anniversary show at the end of the year. Reprising their roles as the cloned Doctor from Journey's End, is David Tennant and screen love interest Rose Tyler as played by Billie Piper. (Tennant's real Doctor was killed of in a later episode, but the cloned version lives on)

As I've said I wasn't so keen on the Amy/Rory Doctors, unless River appeared, but Jenna Lousie Colman (I think she looks like a young Amanda Tapping)has been a revelation as the mysterious Clara, who until the final episode didn't realize she was once a Dalek that saved the Doctors live, then in Victorian England, working a dual role of Governess and barmaid, dies to save him again. Yet he finds her again as a 21st Century childminder. I also think the intruduction of a female Sherlock Holmes,called Madame Vastra, who covers her face with a veil to conceal the fact she's a green colored lizard, and her lesbian partner and housekeeper Jenny, who can transform her self from a Victorian servent into an ass kicking action heroine at the top of a hat, have IMO greatly enhanced the latest series, which also featured Diana Rigg, among other evil things, as an abusive mother to real life daughter Rachel Sterling.

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