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What about a Female Dr. Who?

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What about a Female Dr. Who?

Postby » June 4th, 2013, 10:53 am

Matt Smith his giving up the role in order to make a Hollywood movie. John Hurt who is playing a version of the character in the 50th yr special is reckoned to be a decoy in order to fool the public.

I think, as do some others, a woman would be good casting. Other's reckon it would ruin the show. It was suggested an American audience might find it harder to accept a woman in the role, in contrast to the UK viewers of the show. Here's 3 names to ponder

Amanda Tapping, a sci-fi legend with Stargate SG1 and Sanctuary would be a good choice, but despite her global success I still don't think she's that well known in the UK. I also doubt if Amanda would be willing to film 8 months of the yr in the UK

For about 20-years now, folk have suggested Joanna Lumley for the role, in fact she played the Doctor in a Children In Need charity special. However, maybe her age might be against her. Then again, maybe not. She's still a stunner.

Yet among actresses, the one folk in the UK are keen to see in the role is Sue Perkins, who has already said she feels beyond flattered that fans would like to see her play the Doctor. Though not globally known, I think Sue would be an inspired choice, as I think she'd play the Time Lord in much the same way as my favourite Doctor, David Tennant.

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