Classic Christmas Wishes

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Classic Christmas Wishes

Post by mrsl »

Anyone care to try this one?

Dear Santa:

Please bring me a set of piano key wires. Those dumb letters of transit broke two of mine while they were hidden.

Thank you,

Sam ( from the city of Casablanca)

- - - - - OR - - - - -

Dear Santa:

Please bring me a pair of warm gloves. I left mine on the roof after lunch with Richard Sumner last month just before Thanksgiving.

Thank you,

Bunny Watson ( Head historian in the Desk Set)

This is also stolen from TCM, but I thought it might be fun for a day or two.


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Post by vallo »

Dear Santa,

Please bring Rizzo's mother a new Wheelchair. the last one, somehow broke going down the stairs.


Tommy Udo
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Post by movieman1957 »

Dear Santa:

I lost my eating teeth to an Indian in a poker game. (Yeah, I know...)

Looking to have a good meal again. Would you please help me?

"Noot" Gradine.
(Walter Brennan - Red River.)

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana."
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