The Name Game or Whatever Happened to Jany Babe?

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The Name Game or Whatever Happened to Jany Babe?

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The Name Game or Whatever Happened to Jany Babe?

Here's a game which sometimes can be fun.
Make new titles out of the originals.

You can rearrange the letters as much as you like, but don't put new letters into your new title. The ones where you've made new words is not the best...

Here's some of mine (the good, the lame and the fugly):

Dick Tracy - Trace Dicky

Kid Galahad – Gal Kidahad

Love Me Tender – Tend Me Lover

G. I. Blues - B. I. Glues

Blue Hawaii – Bawaii Hue

Fun in Acapulco – Fuc in Anapulco or Pul in Anafuco

Wild in the Country – Count in the Wildry

Girl Happy – Happ Girly

Flaming Star – Aming Far Last

Easy Come, Easy Go – Eas Me Coy, So Gey

Double Trouble – Ouble Ouble Doutrou (sounds like French, hey?)

Stay Away, Joe – Jost way, aye

Change of Habit – Bit of Changehab

Elvis on Tour – Elvis N Routs

State Fair - Fate Stair

The King and I - Hatening Kid

The Big Doll House – The Dig Boll House

This is Spinal Tap – Piss in this Pat (no, kidding!)

Man Without a Star – Stan Without a Mar

Will Success Spoil Ross Hunter? – Will Success Oil Spock Hunter?

Mill of the Stone Women – Will of the Stone Momen

Black Sunday – Sun Blackday

Blood Feast – Flood Beast

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – Snow Dwarf and the Seven Whites

Let’s Scare Jessica to Death – Let’s Dear Jessica to Scath

Black Christmas – Christ Blackmas

Halloween – Walloheen

Hombre - Mobherd

Casablanca – Blancacasa

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes – Gentleblondes Prefer Men

Pandora's Box – Bandora's Pox

Dark Water – Wark Dater

Dressed to Kill – Kressed to Dill or Kessed to Drill

Nightmare Alley - Nightey Allmare

Cobra Woman - Woco Braman

Darby O’Gill and the Little People - Garby O’Dill and the Little People

It’s a Wonderful Life – It’s a Bonderful Wife

River Wild – Weri Vild

Twisted Nerve – Neisted Twerve

Broken Arrow – Arrken Brow

Road to Nashville – Nash to Roadville or Noad to Rashville

A Star is Born - A Bar is Storn

Pretty Poison - Petty no Prios

The Whip and the Body - The Bod and the Whipy

Sincerely, Mr. Even B
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