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Petition online for preserving a Hitchcock film

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Petition online for preserving a Hitchcock film

Postby Konway » November 18th, 2012, 4:20 pm

For a long time, Hitchcock admirers (Including myself) have been requesting Disney to restore Hitchcock's The Paradine Case and requesting Universal to restore Gromek's Brother scenes and release Bernard Herrmann's recorded cues for Torn Curtain.

But they have no interest at all. It is absolutely terrible what these studio executives are doing. The final cut of The Paradine Case was done by Producer David O. Selznick. He cut several Hitchcock scenes from the film.

These scenes are available at George Eastman House. But Disney (who currently owns The Paradine Case) has no interest in restoring Hitchcock's scenes for The Paradine Case. I even requested Robert Harris (who did restoration for Vertigo and Lawrence of Arabia). He had no interest either. My feeling was like this - "Come on. This is Hitchcock we are talking about."

So I thought I should make a petition. So I made them. Here it is.

This link is for Torn Curtain. ... rn-curtain

This link is for The Paradine Case. ... adine-case

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