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help restore SEPTEMBER STORM (1960) and SEA DREAM (1978)

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help restore SEPTEMBER STORM (1960) and SEA DREAM (1978)

Postby Richard--W » August 11th, 2016, 8:42 pm


September Storm was really the last major two-strip 3-D release, and the only one to employ anamorphic optics for a 2.35:1 screen
ratio. This historically important and entertaining 3-D film from 1960 will soon be coming to Blu-Ray thanks to the 3-D Film Archive and the 3-D
Space Museum. The kickstarter campaign reached its $25,000 goal within two weeks, a testament to the confidence all vintage 3-D fans have in
the restoration and exhibition work of Bob Furmanek, Greg Kintz and Jack Theakston of the 3-D Film Archive. Their track record has been
impeccable, and the quality of their work has been consistently outstanding.

Unfortunately, the campaign has stalled only $1,000 short within five days of reaching its "stretch goal" to restore the special-venue 3-D short
SEA DREAM (1978) which they'd like to include as a bonus on the blu-ray. Only five days left to raise $1,000 to restore SEAD DREAM 3-D. Please
help by contributing what you can: ... -film-rest

Watch the videos, read the updates and make you pledge.

May I also remind everyone that the World 3-D Expos that took place in Hollywood in 2003, 2006 and 2013 were made up of the films that Bob
Furmanek had diligently searched for, found and saved, and that Greg Kintz did restoration work on. Without their efforts, there would have
been no Expos. So successful were the Expos that they had a profound impact on the industry, demonstrating the viability of 3-D technology and
helping to revive studio interest in making new 3-D movies:

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Re: help restore SEPTEMBER STORM (1960) and SEA DREAM (1978)

Postby Lomm » August 13th, 2016, 7:28 pm

I don't really do kickstarters, but I wish them good luck.

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