Should the N word be allowed in Dambusters remake

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Should the N word be allowed in Dambusters remake

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I was on another forum where this came up in topic. If you remember the original Guy Gibson's dog was called N..... because of its black coat. Asumming that was the dog's name, should it for historical reasons still be used, or would it be a racist gesture. Does it matter, do we need the dog at all, though the scene where Richard Todd grieves the death of his pet is one of the highlights for the movie.

Ideally I would prefer the name to be used for historical reasons (It may not be relevent, but you couldn't remake Roots without saying it for example), in the hope no racist offence would be taken. That said if public opinion was dead against it, I also think it should be changed or the dog left out all together.
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The Dog was dubbed into "Trigger" for the US market. I think the N word is more frowned upon in The U.S. then the F-Bomb... lately.

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