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Brannigan and Sweeney 2

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Brannigan and Sweeney 2

Postby » January 27th, 2011, 11:16 am

Brannigan and Sweeney 2 are often shown on UK digital and I think both films are very similiar. Both films show Scotland Yard detectives tackling violent criminals in a realistic fashion, though Duke Wayne is a bit over the top when he tries to drive a car over a raised Tower Bridge.

The Sweeney was hit tv cop show with John Thaw and Dennis Waterman as Detective Inspector Jack Regen and Sargeant George Carter, which was made into 2 feature films Sweeney and Sweeney 2. The first film was good, but the sequal is IMO the better movie. In Sweeney John Thaw is the star and Waterman basically a supporting player, however, in the sequal Dennis if anything has a stronger role than Thaw in a film that more closely resembled the tv series than Sweeney

Both Brannigan with Richard Attenbourgh, Judy Geeson, John Stride, James Booth and Mel Ferrer and Sweeney with Barry Foster, Ian Bannen, Diane Keen and Colin Welland have stronger casts. However, IMO Sweeney 2 maybe the better film of the 3 with Denholm Elliott cast as a crooked detective

IMO Brannigan is better than Wayne's other 70s cop movie MCQ. He seemed out of place in 70s clothes and driving a sports car in MCQ, but for some reason I think he pulled it of in Brannigan. It was also good to see Wayne on location in the streets of London

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Re: Brannigan and Sweeney 2

Postby movieman1957 » January 27th, 2011, 1:47 pm

The funny thing about "McQ" is the Firebird he drove. I had a Camaro (its sister car) and even when I was much younger and somewhat thinner it was tough to get in and out of that car. Watching a man of his size was not always comfortable. I always thought the two films were a response to his declining "Dirty Harry." (I've read that was offered to him.) He's a bit old for all that carrying on.

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