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MARCH OR DIE (Columbia, 1977) -- widescreen, uncut?

Posted: April 20th, 2011, 1:11 am
by Richard--W
Does anyone know if there is a proper release of this title somewhere? Australia or Asia, perhaps?

Columbia reportedly spent $9,000,000 to make March Or Die, which was a HUGE budget back in 1970s. The film was trimmed of footage just before release. The theatrical release was 104 minutes. It failed miserably at the box office, reporting a paltry return of $1,000,000. A longer and differently edited version aired once or twice on television, although I did not see it myself.

Does anyone know what the correct, full-length running time is supposed to be?

Columbia / Sony released March or Die on a double-feature disc with The Domino Principle. Customers complained that both films are in poor quality, pan & scanned, and in the case of March Or Die, cut. But constant references to the longer version suggest that it is in release somewhere.