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Jenny P
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Post by Jenny P »

That's Gertrude Michael - one of my favorite actresses. I first noticed her in FOUR HOURS TO KILL (1935, dir. Mitchell Leisen) when it played at Cinefest in Syracuse several years ago. Bob King from Classic Images/Films of the Golden Age had a table in the dealer's room that year and was giving away back issues (Winter 1998) of FGI. There was an article about Michael in the magazine and I've been hooked ever since. I have a modest collection of Gertrude Michael stills & lobby cards and this is one of them. If anyone is interested, the article mentioned is on the Classic Images web site, though sadly without the pictures. ... hael.shtml
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Post by cinemalover »

Welcome to the Oasis, Jenny.

I hope you enjoy your stay and I'll see you around the boards!

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Post by myrnaloyisdope »

I found the form while trying to find out anything about Mae Clarke. I found a thread here on her, and from there I decided to join up.
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Post by Shonna »

I am grateful to say that I was invited.
I never have anything profound to say, but I always like trying to tag along with the intellectuals! 8)
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Post by inglis »

Moira invited me on .I was at TCM but as some of you know there was alot of fueding and not very good things there at the time so alot of us from TCM came here once we were asked and I am so glad that I came here .I am not on that much but I am glad to be able to still come here and chat
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