A morning in the Western world

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Re: A morning in the Western world

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I've been reading through the old posts, and when Anne mentioned hiding someone in the water tank, Stalag 17 popped into mind. is that the one? Can't think of a western... And I really REALLY like Trooper Hook.....
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Re: A morning in the Western world

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A war picture comes to mind but unsure which one. Unless it is "The Great Escape.""3 Godfathers" has a scene where a water tower scene where Ward Bond tries to head them off. Of course, there is the opening credits to "Petticoat Junction" which I always thought was a bit weird. Kinky but weird.


It is "Stalag 17", Nancy. I was reading some trivia on imdb on the film and one of them mentions the actor Don Taylor being in the water tower. Good for you.

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