1930s most under-rated westerns

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Re: 1930s most under-rated westerns

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. . . And don't forget Lloyd Nolan as the villain. His "scene" with Jack Oakie is one of the most memorable in the Western genre.
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Re: 1930s most under-rated westerns

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I like THE TEXAS RANGERS. When I was a kid, my family got a new TV. This was the first thing we watched!
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Re: 1930s most under-rated westerns

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I find this an interesting section. Although I am not a fan of western movies I never the less have some in my collection. Some 95% of my movie collection is indexed under female names. Let`s face it, I would rather look at a beautiful woman than watch arrogant dusty men wearing white hats who go around bashing up men who wear black hats, and who, on occasion just shoot them. An exception to the white hat –black hat cowboys is Hopalong Cassidy, a hero with a black hat who never gets dusty, even after rolling on the ground while subduing a bad guy.

The movies on the lists which are in my collection are—

Bold Caballero (1936) –Part of my Heather Angel collection. My copy is black & white.
Robbers Roost (1932)—Maureen O`Sullivan
Arizona (1940)—Jean Arthur
Dodge City (1939)-- Olivia de Havilland
Viva Villa (1934)-- Fay Wray
Cimarron (1931)—Irene Dunne

Also, not in the lists, but mentioned I have Santa Fe Trail (1940) Olivia de Havilland

And yes, despite my comments I do enjoy western movies. I just don`t go looking for them.
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