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The Holt Family

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The Holt Family

Postby pvitari » March 18th, 2014, 8:15 am

I don't think we have a thread for the Holts -- Jack, Tim and Jennifer -- so I'm starting it. :)

First up: The Warner Archive Collection is finally releasing today their fourth Tim Holt Western Classics Collection, including one of TIm's best early films, Wagon Train (I know JackFavell will be happy about that one!) ... TIMHOLTwac


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Re: The Holt Family

Postby mrsl » March 20th, 2014, 7:20 pm

Thanks Pvitari, I've seen a lot of Tim's movies on the Western Channel, and I always watch for Jennifer in Gene Autry films. I think she was a favorite leading lady. Actually, I'll get back to the Holts in a day or two, but right now, I wanted to mention that I've been having fun with Gene and his movies. Although most people think of him as only making "B" movies, if you sit down and watch a few, you'll find his songs alone are almost all very pleasant to the ear, whether a fast rhythm or slow. Many of his love songs should have been recorded and crossed over to contemporary music lists. I especially love his version of Ghost Riders in the Sky, I still prefer Vaughn Monroe, but Gene does a great job also. Also I was a little shocked to see Jack Carson in one of Gene's movies last week, and the day before was Ann Sheridan, and they were done in the 1940's, not early 30's as you might imagine. Having been down with pneumonia for the past 3 weeks, I had plenty of time to watch a lot of Gene, Tim Holt, and Eddie Dean. My problem was I refused to go to the hospital since I have my 24/7 oxygen here at home and a prescription for anti-biotics from the doc kept me feeling the same as I did in the hospital 14 years ago with the same thing, but this time, I had the TV to myself, didn't have to share with a roommate. Anyway, keep checking those Walmart $5.00 bins, you might get lucky and find a 6 or 7 total of Gene movies on one disc for $5.00.

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