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Postby mrsl » February 22nd, 2015, 4:32 pm

I'm quite sure we've had this topic before but I'll be darned if I can find it with search. Anyway, with it being on this months list of movies to view, I've watched Silverado about 3 times already. First I saw the end, then the beginning, and finally the middle. Today I watched the whole thing from start to finish and I have to say this is quite a western, even beginning with the theme song as lusty and catchy as The Magnificent Sevens.

I had seen it before, but apparently not from the beginning because I never knew why Keven Kline and Danny Glover were involved with the two brothers, and why they were so active in the final fight in town against Brian Dennehy and now I know. I have to say this movie has all it needs for good, solid entertainment whether western or contemporary. It has the intrigue, murders, family love and pride, as well as all four men having one-anothers' backs. It also has not only the friendship formed by the four men, but also the one between Kevin Kline and Linda Hunt, from the moment they meet. It's not sexual at all, but there is an immediate 'caring' for each other. Every western has to have it's shoot outs, and this has two, one out at the sheriff's ranch (which he commandeered), and later at the town where all the bad guys are dispensed, just like St. Patrick. Finally, there is a minimal love story, and plenty of clever, funny lines of dialog.

Once again, I suggest that even if you are not a western fan, you might like this one for it's variety of story-telling.

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