Jeremy Arnold, Author of The Essentials, Visits March 3-5...

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Jeremy Arnold
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Re: Jeremy Arnold, Author of The Essentials, Visits March 3-5...

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With the sad news of Robert Osborne's passing today, I wanted to come back here and add that one of the highlights of doing this book was going through hours and hours of introduction videos from The Essentials broadcasts. All the highlighted quotes in the book by Osborne and the guest hosts are excerpts from their actual on-air discussions (or, in some cases, from the transcripts of the complete discussion from which the on-air intro was edited). From the very beginning, a point of the book was to have Robert's voice running throughout. I'm a fan of his as much as anyone else, and it was a pleasure to see and hear him again talking about these great pictures. I will also note that I never had any trouble finding a good quote from him -- and this was not always the case with the guest hosts! In three cases, TCM could not locate videos or transcripts of the discussions, and Robert graciously wrote new blurbs specifically for this book. Those were for Double Indemnity, Rear Window, and Once Upon a Time in the West. And of course he wrote a great foreword. His personality is all over the book, and that was intentional. May he truly rest in peace.
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Re: Jeremy Arnold, Author of The Essentials, Visits March 3-5...

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Jeremy, I greatly appreciate you sharing all these personal reflections with us about your book.
Thank you for a wonderful visit.

Rest in Peace, Robert Osborne.

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