A Taste of Black Oxen (1923)

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A Taste of Black Oxen (1923)

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8-) Based on the best selling novel. Recently restored by George Eastman House, hence the giant Eastman House logo. Once watchable mute on their website, it has since been taken down. I fully acknowledge them here, so I hope it is OK to post this clip with my own musical selections. As far as I know the movie itself is technically in the Public-Domain, though very rare.

The film features two of the biggest Stars of that decade of the 20's. Beautiful Corinne Griffith in one of her first pictures for First National. Playing an Ex-Countess who apparently has secretly discovered the fountain of eternal youth? Returning to her place of origin under the guise of her own niece where she had been a premiere Chanteuse many years before. As well as Clara Bow, in only her second year in the business. Age 15. Playing a delightfully rebellious 17 or 18 year old Flapper Jane Oglethrope on screen. Smoking, Drinking, carousing, and chasing men! Oh my! With designs on one Mr. Lee Calvering (Conway Tearle.) Watch out!

Tearle was a well known and popular leading man, considered in some circles.among the screen's most handsome actors. The film Directed by future Academy Award Winner Frank Lloyd was a huge hit at the time, and is one of Corinne Griffith's few surviving First National releases. Miss Griffith looks somewhat different here, I'm not used to seeing her as a blonde. While most of the film has been meticulously pieced back together from various surviving elements, one reel is still considered missing today. With any luck it will yet be recovered. Blast, trying to embed this here, but can't seem to get the right direct link?

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Re: A Taste of Black Oxen (1923)

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Hey, Jeff! Thanks for the clips! Is a release of the film coming at some point?

I found that if I used the SHARE function on youtube I can embed, but I can't do it by simply copying the URL anymore. I don't know why.
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