Shall We Dance, but not Astaire version

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Re: Shall We Dance, but not Astaire version

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charliechaplinfan wrote:I'm going to succumb and rent the Richard Gere version, just because he's a handsome kind of guy and I think he'll be kind of sweet in this role. I've read reviews that say that Jennifer Lopez is really miscast as the dance teacher and is somewhat grumpy throughout but I'm not going to let that put me off Richard Gere learning to dance.
Hahaaaa...good one Alison. Jennifer Lopez ought to consider taking chances with the roles she chooses. But she's such a pretty girl, and has other business interests, I guess it doesn't matter if she grows and stretches as an actress. Hell, oh well...we'll always have Rita Moreno. (Oscar-Tony-Emmy-Grammy winner!)
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Re: Shall We Dance, but not Astaire version

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I do like Rita Moreno, the films on my rental list. I don't expect it to have the subtlety of the Japanese version but I know Richard Gere will more than make up for that :wink:
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