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Betty Grable : Behind The Pin-Up

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Betty Grable : Behind The Pin-Up

Postby Fossy » July 8th, 2013, 1:53 am

Betty Grable : Beyond The Pin-up

This is a well presented documentary/biography of Betty Grable, from her life as a young girl to her ultimate death from lung cancer. Included are many pictures taken as a child, excerpts from her movies, interviews with friends and co-stars, including Debbie Reynolds, Alice Faye, Mike Levitt and others.

Both her famous pin up pictures are also featured. The original which was sent to troops overseas, and the touched up version for troops and others in U.S.A.

She is also shown with a number of escorts on nights out. A notable omission was the failure to mention Bob Remick, who was with her to the end.

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