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Carnival In Costa Rica (1947)

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Carnival In Costa Rica (1947)

Postby Fossy » November 27th, 2013, 3:52 pm

Carnival In Costa Rica (1947)

This the final film in my Vera-Ellen collection. A bright and colourful movie. Pepe (Cesar Romero) and Luisa (Vera-Ellen) have not met, but their wedding has been arranged by their parents. Trouble is, Pepe wants to marry Celeste (Celeste Holm), and Luisa wants to marry Jeff (Dick Haymes). Plenty of misunderstandings occur along the way, with some lively singing (Vera is dubbed by Pat Friday) and dancing.

The fathers find out that Pepe and his wife have been married, not by the Padre (shock, Horror) but by the governor . After the initial disappointment at this news, they decide that a proper wedding will take place later, the couple must have been too much in love to wait. They invade the bridal suite with some champagne to celebrate. The timid Pepe introduces the fathers to his wife, Celeste.

Now the search is on for Luisa, who is eventually found at the home of her parents in the arms of Jeff.

An interesting thing about this movie is that I had so much trouble finding it, and then suddenly everyone is selling it.

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