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Postby mrsl » August 26th, 2012, 12:01 am

I wish I had the eyes and ears of RO, Lzcutter, and moira to 'get' this movie. RO said it's one of his 3 favorite all time movies but how, I can't figure. I saw it long ago when I was too young to even try to understand the undercurrents of what was going on, so I sat down and decided to watch it carefully tonight. Here's what I saw:

Tyrone Power; Silly and selfish fellow who doesn't expect to have the good life handed to him on a silver platter, he doesn't mind working for it, but instead of working for it he wants to imagine, or think it and have the good life come to him, while he just holds on to small menial jobs with no responsibility or push to bring that good life about.

Gene Tierney: WOW . . . prime witch making sure that that the road taken is her road. She's going to rearrange every ones life according to her wishes and plans.

Clifton Webb: Such a flaming queen I wonder if anyone in H'wood acknowledged him as a friend. They were so fearful of the image, he would have to worry them about even talking to him.

Herbert Marshall: He's such a superb actor he must have felt he was working with his hands and feet all tied, and a gag in his mouth. I'm sure Mr. Maughm did not write Herbert's part as such a drip, especially since he was playing Somerset himself.

Anne Baxter: She deserved the supporting oscar she won for her part. How the director managed to let her actually portray a broken woman brought so vividly to the screen is a wonder to me.

John Payne: Poor guy! He could have called in his part. Like Herbert here was another fine actor cheated by getting a lousy part. I'm sure much of it was left on the cutting room floor, because his agent couldn't have let him take it as it was.

Some day when I have tea and dry toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner, perhaps I can then stomach Bill Murray in the remake he did of this movie. I have no idea if his director followed the script of this one or not so I am not making any comparisons except that the thought of Murray playing anything remotely associated with a Ty Power role is absurd. I will say I saw no great learning experience from this film either by me or Tyrone, and can't understand RO's admiration of it.

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